rock milestones dvd wishbone ash ARGUS

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rock milestones dvd wishbone ash ARGUS
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It is a 'film documentary' plus 6 live 'film' footage as 'bonus' features.

Documentary is 1hr 1min 28secs long., and is very good to. The 'touchy' subject of 'Jailbait' is handled well by Bob.

Features anecdotes 'a plenty' by "Bob Harris" / "Chris Welsh" and Martin Hudson"., interspersed with track/band recalls from Martin & Ted Turner., on the 'sofa' and in the 'master tapes' mixing desk studio., assessing the first 'three albums'.

Bonus Film Footage > 1 : USA Live 1973

                                          Blowin' Free @ 5'00" [first clip]

                                          Warrior @ 5'30" [fifth clip]

                                          Goodbye Baby Blues @ 8'30" [sixth clip]

                                     2 : BBC 1971

                                           Vas Dis @ 9'41" [second clip]

                                           Jailbait @ 4'40" [third clip]

                                      3 : Australia 1972 'black & white'

                                           Blowin' Free @ 3'43" [fourth clip]

Included is an 'image gallery' ., also 'playback settings'.

My satisfaction rating - 7+ out of 10.




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