make your own reed diffuser

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make your own reed diffuser
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I have noticed you can buy concentrated liquid fragrance at Walmart for only a couple of dollars. If I bought some regular rattan Refill Sticks and stuck them in a narrow-neck vase filled with some of this concentrated liquid fragrance, would it work as well as a real, more expensive reed diffuser? If this doesn't work, does anyone know of any other ways to make reed diffusers yourself? Or maybe someone knows of a place to buy cheap reed diffusers? Thanks for any suggestions!

We are located at Guangdong of China .we are specializing in Aromatherapy diffuser reeds(Rattan Diffuser).We supply good quality products and good services.
If you interested in them , please don’t hesitate contact us at the moment. or if you have another enquiry , please kindly let us know , we will do the needful .


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