iPhone 5 Parts- LCD Digitizer Assembly & More!!!

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Every repair nerd out there is absolutely ecstatic after hearing the  iPhone 5's repairablity rating. Not only is this device thinner, lighter, and sleeker than the iPhone 4/ 4S, but it takes about 1/4 of the time to swap out almost any part. With the  iPhone 4 LCD Digitizer Repair, and  iPhone 4S LCD Digitizer Repair, the fastest time we could clock was just over 33 minutes. We've done tear-downs and re-builds on tons of iPhones, so 33 minutes is a pretty fast mark to complete a full tear-down and full LCD Digitizer swap. The iPhone 5 is a completely different story. Where we would rate the iPhone 4/ 4S LCD Digitizer repair at about a 5/10, the iPhone 5 comes in at a 9/10 repairability rating.

What Makes The iPhone 5 So Much Easier To Repair Than The iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S? 

The answer to this becomes very evident within the first 30 seconds of having the phone opened up. Once you get past the "proprietary" pentalobe screws at the bottom, a suction cup will simply lift the front screen screen assembly out of place (Be careful of the flex cables; they are extremely fragile, and you don't want to damage them.) This design is what known as a front-to-back assembly. It gives DIY Gadget Techs like ourselves simple, clean, un-obstructed access to the main components that usually need to be replaced at some time or another. This includes easy access to the  iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer AssemblyiPhone 5 Home Button, and the  iPhone 5 Battery. Once the bottom screws are taken out, and the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Assembly is lifted and removed, you have easy access to the guts of the phone. Whereas, if you ever repaired an iPhone 4 or 4S LCD Digitizer, you know that in order to get to the LCD Digitizer screen, you had to remove the pentalobe screws, slide/ remove the glass back cover, remove the battery, tons of other internals (not getting into specific breakdown of internals,) the camera, vibrator, and logic board; you were then ready to replace the LCD Digitizer Assembly. 
The new design of the iPhone 5 shaves a considerable amount of time off of the most common repairs that will be needed for this phone if you have the right tools. Which will be included with our  iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Assembly kit. 

Are All Of The Components Easy To Change? 

If you have the slightest bit of repair knowledge, and a heap of can do attitude, you should have no problem taking apart your iPhone 5 for the common repairs listed below. All repairs are listed below are recommended to be done with the highest quality  iPhone 5 Replacement Parts, which we carry. 

iPhone 5 Battery Replacement-We carry the highest quality iPhone 5 Battery Replacement kits which come with all the tools necessary to get the job done. In the iPhone 5, the battery is very easily accessible once the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Assembly is removed. We would rate this repair a 10/10. 

iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Assembly Replacement- Our high quality iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Replacement kits are perfect for DIY'ers who want to fix their cracked or broken iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer assembly. Our iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Assembly kit will perform exactly as the original iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer that comes out of your phone. The iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer repair is rated at a 9/10 if you have done gadget/ phone repairs before, and 8/10 if you have not. 
iPhone 5 Home Button Repair/ Replacement- The home button repair for the iPhone 5 is again, a very easy repair. Once the iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer assembly is removed from the frame, the iPhone 5 Home Button with home button flex cable is assembled right into the  iPhone 5 LCD Digitizer Assembly. You will have the option to just replace the iPhone 5 home button,  iPhone 5 home button with flex cable, or the iPhone LCD Digitizer with the home button installed (which would be the easiest, but most expensive option.)
iPartsReviews only carries the HIGHEST QUALITY Replacement Parts on the market. If you buy bargain parts from a bargain seller, install them at your own risk! Aftermarket parts do not perform anything like high quality  iPhone Replacement Parts, and they have even proven to be dangerous; aftermarket batteries may over-heat and start to smoke or leak acid, aftermarket LCD Digitizer screens can short your logic board due to having aftermarket flex cables. Don't take a chance with the bargain sellers. Our parts are 100% guaranteed. If you are not happy, we will refund you within 30-days of the purchase price. 
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