how to identify fake beanie babies

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how to identify fake beanie babies
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beanie babies are very popular plush toys but fake beanie babies are coming on the market some of the fake beanies made where maple princess zip all black nip all gold peking lizzy chilly peanut both versions spot 1st version tabasco garcia bruno erin slither libearty and  grunt  bumble

humpherys should not have 2 tone eyes they should have soid black eyes any 2 tone humphreys are 100 % FAKE  humpherys should NOT have 3rd gen tush tag  

chilly should have a pie shaped nose NOT round or oval 

rex bronty and steg should have 1995 1st or 2nd gen tush tags NOT 1993 1st or 2nd gen tush tags

rightys should not  have 5th gen hang tags i actully bought a fake one  it is ovibus

same thing with libearty and lefty they aslo should not have the 5th gen hang tag .

look for poor stiching on beanies


nana and royal blue peanuts cant have 1993 tush tags only 1995

inky tan no mouth never came out with a 3rd gen hang tag

wingless quackers should not have 3rd gen tush tags

brownie should not have a 2nd gen hang tag

garcia cant have 4th gen tush tags no star tush tag

libeartys should not have black nose




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