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eBay's New Artist Pages &

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eBay's New Artist Pages &

eBay looks to have quietly released a new segment called Best Selling Artist Index and Artist Pages. Why am I writing about this? Well - ita directly touches Reviews & Guides (which I spend a lot of time on!) and is a great way to navigate through eBay's product reviews and to find products of artists you enjoy.

For instance, take the Terminator 3 DVD Review . You will notice that the "Leading Actor" portion (Arnold Schwarzenegger) is now linked and takes you to the Schwarzenegger Artist Page - which is new on eBay. That page displays all of Arnold's movies, their rating & reviews, etc. Furthermore, you can sort Arnold movies by popularity (best-selling), title and rating. Pretty cool!

eBay also now has the Best Selling Artist Index which shows the top 50 and top 1000 artists for CDs, DVDs and Books... a great way to find great titles and add to your collection.

So in summary - is a great guide in itself to browsing Books, Music and Movies!

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