eBay Store Free for 1st Month

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eBay Store Free for 1st Month
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I'm sure most have already seen the offers from ebay.  However, I just wanted to take a chance to make sure that all new sellers are aware that you can test drive ebays store for 1 month for FREE.

How Can You Loose?

Well, You Cant.  The store is a great way to get more people to view your items and you can list items at reduced rates that usually make up for the monthly fee easily if you do much business on ebay.  There are many more great things like keyword options you will have to get more visitors to the right items using catagories and more...

Everyone I know has been very satisfied by upgrading but why not take a shot while its free.  Its kinda like telling a modem user that cable is worth the 20 dollar difference, but how can you tell them until they try it, and yes it is that much better too.

Just FYI, Thanks,


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