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eBay Reviews & Guides & epinions {A ~Draft}

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Guide Host Reflects On Views & Important Links

  ...The Bottom Line? ...ADraft!

If I can do it , Almost anyone else can too! Right?

eBay Reviews & Guides & epinions

  • Quick to Write A Review or Guide on ebay
  • ACTUATOR Consider this as a draft, or a lattice of behavior,  in the different ways of assessment as the actuator for consumer views to the point of your views- as this is a platform for schematic of current displacement, that places the communication for a look at the larger collection of consumer views. 
  • Remember that you are not necesarrily branding

    • Keep an open mind to your review, for the option to have some resolve to any negative findings in your use of a product;
    • If you have found your product to be superior to all others , there may still be other products that meet up some great integrity as well as the unknown possibilities that could be found later to the superior product  reviewed 

------------------The Review Draft----------------

    1. Your Review Title 
    2. Official Product Name 
    3. Your reason for using product
    4. What product is advertised or promoted as
    5. Compair #3 & #4 for same pros & cons
    6. Your Bottom Line; State your decision of values for use with all cons concidered , and other marketed products that could have fit the use or advertised description of this product, to form final opinion for your recomendation for others about purchasing the product for themselves!
    7. END OF REVIEW -Thats it!

eBay Members Guide March 13, 2006
iiAye {originaly iiBay}is a" Member Only" & not an eBay Staff reviewer!

iiAye Guide hosted on eBays & on epinions as  iiDays

ePinions is an eBay sister site ePinions members review location:

March 11, 2006 2:13pm epinions edition
March 13, 2006 (revised for ebay )


Reviews and guides to reduce the shopping constraints  Written  by a new member as a guide to a quick start, thru an  Elementary route of experience; submited for quick help as a "ruff-draft", with an open request for comments if shorter routes , short-cuts , or explainations are known and be applied  from veteren eBay Members 

Links To: eBay Members Reviews & Guides

iiAye aka iiBaye discussion added 3/2/2006

What are eBay Reviews , Guides, & epinions


  1. Quick to edit existing review or guide-go to"My eBay" and scroll down to click on the link for My Reviews & Guides and scroll down to where it shows "My Reviews Written"- Action  _______Status and under the rows of your reviews on the right side written underneath  will be a ""blue arrow"" beside the words "edit/display" &
  2. there you can edit ; remove from display ; or delete pemanently .

A First Time Approach to Write a Review or Guide 

  1. Click here See All Categories or enter your keyword/s eBays keyword Search for that item  or product you are reviewing
  2. Enter the product you were looking for and see below the product & the results will show the number of Guides & Reviews that are already written & page displays at the left hand side "Write A Guide" or "Write A Review" on that Product!! 
  3.  Now You May Be Ready To Go Write Your Review or Guide!

See the product  the results will show the posted  #  of Guides &  # of Reviews that are already written & below that number the link to write your own Guide or Review

  1. If you didn't find the item or Category try the link for eBay Choose Category (another product this time)
  2. Then enter that item here , "searching the Chuck Taylor's"  Ok, lets try shoes for the Review's  on that product. Look also at the left hand side of the page to see display   "Write A Guide" or "Write A Review" on that Product!!

  Now You May Be Ready To Go Write Your Guide!

  1. NO RESULTS FOUND TO START A REVIEW?  This may be difficult. From this point I am learning now. A guess could be to explore Creating Products & Templates. Try first again by looking under these Categories and try to find the category that best fits your product while there, and then try Customer Support.   
  2. There may need to be a product listed under review category  before a review is possible, even if the items are for sale on eBay.

At the bottom of this guide page I have added  notes, more to the further binds that may be adjacent to your review & guide construction that will be updated as I find notice for improvements. An effort will be made to monitor just how these reviews and guides have been helpful to trading, shopping, buyers & sellers from response, reply and comments found related.

Find other shopping related sources, topics, and comments to help, or add your suggestions for members and consumers visiting here for the first time. 

The Form Of A Draft (Making Some Consumer Points)

  • Pick Your Category that best fits the product
  • Check your Title Name and Note Correct Dates.
  • CONSUMER POINTS(Simply what you liked)
  • Other Consumer Points (Of what  this product is designed for and how has the "industry" presents this; What did you find? How does this compare to other like products ; and what do you think other consumers may find? Maybe there is something you can let them in on or some benifit advertised that you now support from your use or experience)  environmental   elements that can relate, or tests that your product has demonstrated to corespond to
  • Any special features?
  • How are the prices?(what did you get for the money?)
  • An example, ie..If its a service indutry related; then state:...(How were you treated?).

Be Careful Searching Reviews on eBay Homepage eBay keyword search results for "reviews" Results in keyword reviews to bid!

Read & Learn: Guides help readers learn about almost any topic or product category. There are two types of Guides: eBay Guides and member guides. eBay Guides are either written by eBay or eBay partners and always appear with an eBay logo. See all All Guide Categories!

Member guides are written by eBay members. You can vote on them using the "Was this guide helpful?" button. Guides with the most votes are shown as the "Most Helpful Member Guides."
eBay commonly posts from consumers who have posted the three most recent written product reviews and/or the inclusion of top reviews from,'s pioneering reviews platform.

eBay Product Reviews:
This "Reviews and Guides" link...
.. is on eBay's homepage under  "Specialty Sites."

Posting links on ebay reviews can only be from eBay
eBay buying guides all topics

Epinions , To write an epinions review:
Find a product on epinions and click on "write review" or "read reviews"
epinions  member center helps with "FAQ"
Frequently Asked Questions  & see "Help Writing A Review"

This contribution is largely for new folks that would like to add their opinions about products they have found and to help   those to the "Reviews & Guides" area where they can begin. Also to add this trial run of my own route in transition from review format and tools , to a more concise  editoring of those reviews, as a new member on eBay.

As a new member to eBay, I had first pioneered eBays sister site where I presented my first reviews of products and became familiar with some of the difficulties and benifits to the consumers contribution efforts & processes, my effort in this guide is to open up what could be a new frontier for many new members here at eBay.

While eBay  pioneers communities built on commerce, sustained by trust, and inspired by opportunity, which includes all members and viewers in my opinion,  new viewers and new members may hessitate or find certain areas that can be confusing, frustrating , and just plain difficult once they begin.

 Also anyone that becomes a member on eBay could have other consumer ideas that are buyer or seller related , so I have added this eBay Solutions Directory  link departments on eBay that may have tools and information that could be helpful to a more advanced stage level , and maybe even useful to some reviews and guides. 

 EPINIONS reviews ONLY- Go To

eBay News~/\~ 
Press release SAN JOSE, Calif. (Sept. 26, 2005) ? eBay
Press Release Title :
New "Reviews & Guides" Make Buying Easier Than Ever!"
Taps Expertise & Opinions of 157 Million eBay Users Worldwide 

ebay Recently Added Member Guides:
epinions Recent Reviews (see on epinions "member center" at bottom page.
Need More Space for your Reviews and Guides
A writing area with extended word counts of product reviews can be found at (ebay's sister site)

Or Leave a helpful comment.
Don't be discouraged! There are plenty of tools to help the review.
Even if you know very little about computers or typing some members are very helpful at epinions and will add their assistance if they can.

eBay's iiBay/iiDays epinions' member posts a personal example  in this as a draft of a guide to your reviews and guides , to help you develop the reviews and to acknowledge  that there can still be processes that remain frustrating.
 Sometimes even finding the right topic can be difficult.

 ( ?If I can do it , Almost anyone else Can Too!? )

The importance is to just write it first.
Make A Draft of your review First and then:
To write your reviews on epinions -
 register membership on


epinons also offers other open topics to post views that are viewable by nonmembers:
 Go to "epinions" "Member Center"(bottom page link)
 and click on "Writers Corner"
 (Writers Corner is listed upper-left corner on member center page)

 epinions categories range as follows
Some Sub-Topic Examples are:
General Non-Fiction | Geography | Health | History | Home & Garden | Language | Law | Nature | Philosophy | Politics | Recipes | Science | September 11th Tributes |.. and many more.

Anyway, its not all about ""just the products"" for consumer's interests to reviews.
And, ...there may always be questions.
Leave Your comments!
Alone your comments can be helpful to consumers.
If you have found a review helpful, rating the review  helps other consumers to see this result before the read.
You can always leave your comment on an epinions review as once you are an epinions member.

Important ebay Links

eBay Community
About eBay Community Community Help Boards

eBay Community Values 

 eBay's Community Hub("Community Hub" is just a name for the  link to the eBay Community/ Same as Above) There you can click on  "more answers"; find members, enter Forum Feedback;  connect to public & private groups;  or just simply read the latest eBay News or News Letter The Chatter

If you have a question about a review at epinions again, "Leave a comment or send an email to the reviewer" if they post their email address, and they may have additional thoughts that could help. (Calling the manufacturers there helps too)


IF you found a review only "Somewhat Helpful" then you may have an advantage to some relevance for important comment on that review! If your review turns out as a poor consumer benefit viewers may rate your review to reflect that is posted at the end of the review automatically. Also anything rated less than helpful on the epinions review will not be visible to non-members.
Concerned about things I haven't mentioned here?; or if you have more to offer that is helpful to this draft then add your comments to this review at the epinions site or at the eBay page for this guide if it becomes available at a later date.


""Other eBay sites"" are listed on the ebay home page on the left side scrolling down. is under Shopping .com(new)

Some links are provided near the bottom of most eBay pages: Bay Pulse | eBay Reviews | eBay Stores | | Kijiji | PayPal | Popular Searches | ProStores | | | Skype

See Also International links
Australia | Austria | China | France | Germany | India | Italy | Spain | United Kingdom
About eBay | Announcements | Security Center | Policies | Site Map | Help


NOTE: Uploading a New File Or Template (or/for a new product) SEE #4 Above(Now we are over my head)...(A) If you get that far and have your product uploaded then you can repeat the steps above.(B) I tried this search, searching for a time sortition system for 01.)placement & 02.) projection, and no results were found therefore ... (C) You have now found a void and the gravity of this is that the particle you may have knowledge of for a review or a guide must be 01.) transferred (for example: downloaded to an image, photo, jpeg,etc)...  to a disc or file  to a transferable tool & 02.) to be uploadable.

NOTE: Any additional designs to contribute to the display of your review must be copied from an off-site location if the tools on the above part of the "Write Review or Guide are not available.
Note Also: This prearranged strategy to provide some unity for the first timers here, comprehensively may mirror more the static of my firsts pioneerings for comparisons that I have used  to identify and eliminate further uncertainties; therefore as I continue to identify this proposed for guidance , an ongoing effort is now established to communicate our different angles to the review until this project has reached its full potential ; being made to advance members here with the knowledge step by step to as we continue down this page to an accumulative point ?just short of? & ?an opposite of? the steps that are set by eBay?s lead to create both review and guide, with links that intersect with direct points in question , resulting to the solution found on eBay or a new equation to apply here. An ?UPDATE? area will ascend or descend in order from this point of draft with a date attached. (updated 3/14/06) Example: (Update 03/14/2006)  or (updated 03/14/2006)
See  Encyclopedia listing found in Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia... KEYWORDS:
"eBay"   & "epinions"

I hope this has been helpful.
Feel free to add your comments if you find more helpful tips for folks to post reviews and their comments!

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