DIY $2 Origami Holiday Wreath

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Make cute origami woodland creatures and add them to a wreath for a quick and adorable holiday craft project.

Project requirements
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Gather Your Supplies

Woodland Origami Paper Folding Kit

For this project, I took a quick trip to my local dollar store and found a cute origami paper folding kit which made four different types of woodland animals: owls, foxes, squirrels, and bears. Each piece of origami paper is pre-printed so that when you fold them, they look like adorable woodland animals.

I found a holiday wreath at the dollar store that came with a bow and bell already attached -- it was ready for some embellishment. I just needed a hot glue gun and glue sticks to complete the project, which I found in my craft supply stash at home.

Supplies needed for making a woodland animal origami wreath.

Supplies needed for making a woodland animal origami wreath.

How to make a woodland animal origami wreath


Fold the Origami Animals

Fold 9 Origami Animals

The Woodland Animal Origami Folding Kit comes with written and illustrated instructions, but if you are a beginner origami folder, you might find it simpler to follow along with the instructional videos provided below.

Fold 9 of the animals according to the instructions. I folded three foxes, three owls, and three squirrels, although the kit also includes bears.

Instructions for making an origami fox.

The origami fox is the simplest of all the animals in the kit to fold. The kit instructions (and the above video) will walk you through the simple folds you need to make in order to complete it.

Instructions for making an origami squirrel.

The origami squirrel is one of the more difficult animals in the kit to fold. I needed to watch the video in order to figure out how to fold it correctly, as the head requires some intermediate origami folds.

Instructions for making an origami owl.

The origami owl is slightly more complicated than the fox to fold, but it was fairly simple to complete. I used the video to figure out how to correctly complete the double-folded head detail.


Assemble the Wreath

Arrange Animals on Wreath

Once you have folded nine origami animals, arrange them around the wreath, paying attention to spreading the various types of animals around the wreath evenly, and also where the different colors are placed on the wreath.

Hot Glue Animals to Wreath

When you are happy with the animal placement around the wreath, hot glue them to the wreath. You just need a small dab of glue on the back of each animal to stick it securely to the wreath.

The Wreath is Finished

Congratulations, your woodland animal origami wreath is finished! Because my dollar store wreath came with a bow and jingle bell already attached, I didn't have to do any additional embellishments. If you have a plain wreath, you can add your own bow and bell. Either tie a bow out of ribbon you have on hand, or buy readymade Christmas bows at the dollar store when you are picking up your supplies.

This whimsical wreath is a great fall and winter home decoration.

Make a wreath for yourself, or create wreaths to sell at holiday craft fairs and bazaars. If I were going to sell this wreath at a craft fair, I would charge about $10.