Decorate Your Christmas Tree With This Fun (And Easy) DIY Scrabble Ornament

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Looking for a fun project perfect for kids and adults? Turn recycled scrabble tiles into a festive Christmas ornament.

Project requirements
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Gather your materials.


Hot glue the tiles together to spell, "Let It Snow."


Dot glue on the tiles and sprinkle fake snow.

Add as much or as little as you like. I did a few layers to make it really look like the snow was piling up on the tiles. Let dry.


Add ribbon so you can hang from the tree.

How cute is the final product?!

I really love this ornament, and it is so easy to make that even get the kids or grandkids involved. (*Note: Please make sure there is adult supervision if you’re using a hot glue gun.)

Every household has their individual way of decorating with their own little nostalgic set of ornaments.

And if you’re anything like my family, we love buying a few new ornaments every year to add to our immense collection of feathers, orbs, and flowers for the tree.

Christmas tree time is also a great excuse to break out your supplies and get crafty — especially if you have little ones in your home!

One of the easiest and most creative crafting materials that can be used all year round is Scrabble tiles. They are so cute, contain the entire alphabet, and add a bit of a vintage flair to a project.

You can easily take the tiles and make them winter themed with fun phrases like:

  • Peace on Earth
  • Happy Holidays
  • Merry Christmas
  • Joy To The World
  • Naughty Or Nice
  • Jingle All The Way

And with a little ribbon tacked onto the back, they can be topped on your tree.

For me, there is something so magical about Christmas trees. Nothing puts me in a cozy, happy, holiday spirit more than seeing the first one of the season.

Between that amazing pine smell and the big fluffy bows, they’re just so naturally pretty. But we all know what makes every festive tree beautiful are the ornaments and lights that adorn it.

I can't wait to add these fun Scrabble tile ornaments to my Christmas tree this holiday. They look so fun and festive, and I can put them up every year.

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