Christmas Craft: Santa's Coal Candy Wreath

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Know someone who's been naughty and deserves a lump of coal for Christmas? Make them their very own candy wreath, featuring Santa and his coal!

When I saw the Santa's Coal candy at the dollar store, I knew I needed to make it into a candy wreath! Turns out, this coal wreath is more nice than naughty, thanks to inexpensive supplies that I found at the dollar store.

Make this wreath for neighbors, co-workers, or anyone who can appreciate the humor of getting coal for Christmas.

Santa's Coal Wreath Supplies Needed:

I found all the supplies for this craft at the dollar store, including the Santa's Coal candy. This project is quick and easy to finish, and will probably take you less than 15 minutes to complete.

Step 1: Create the Wreath Form

Cut the center out of a paper plate, using the inner ring marking on the plate as a guide. Discard the center of the plate (or use it as a glue-catcher for your hot glue gun, like I did!)

Step 2: Cover the Wreath Form

Cover the wreath form with red crepe paper streamers. Use a dab of hot glue to secure the end of the streamer to the plate, and then wrap the crepe paper around the wreath form until it is completely covered. Turn the plate over; you will use the back of the plate as the front of the wreath because it provides a flat surface for attaching the candies.

Step 3: Add a Ribbon for Hanging

Cut a piece of ribbon about 8" long, and tie it around the wreath. Secure the ribbon in place on the wreath with a dab of hot glue.

Step 4: Glue Candy on the Wreath

Now attach the Santa candy to the top of the wreath, where the ribbon is glued. Put a dab of glue on the front of the ribbon, and let it dry for a few seconds, then press the Santa chocolate onto the glue. Glue the coal candy around the wreath, using the same method of gluing, waiting a few seconds, and attaching the candy. By waiting a few seconds, you keep the chocolate from melting.

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Whether you're naughty or nice, this Santa's Coal candy wreath is a fun holiday craft idea.

Set aside an hour to make a few wreaths for your friends, co-workers, or neighbors.