Zazel's MaleMax Penis Enlarger/Enlargement Instructions

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Zazel's MaleMax Penis Enlarger/Enlargement Instructions
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Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to develop your penis to full potential.

The MALE-MAX Penis Enhancer will be an indispensable companion in helping you reach your goals. Your MALE-MAX works on the “Traction Technique”, an ancient form of penis enlargement. Penis enlargement by traction technique is achieved by applying periods of constant tension or “traction” to the penis over an extended time period (3 - 4 months – more if you wish) and the results are permanent.


*The following is only a suggested guide and should not be considered/interpreted as medically approved instructions/advise.*

It is important to understand the basic theory of traction technique before you start you penis enlargement sessions. By applying a period of constant tension to the penis, the tissue in the penis is slowly stretched. The cells naturally go to work on rebuilding the tissue in it’s new - LARGER state. This growth occurs due to the reaction capacity of the tissues to undergo cellular multiplication when they are subjected to a continuous force. Such traction creates a reaction of adaptation at the structural levels of the tissue’s components of the penis. This increase in cellular multiplication translates to an increase in the total number of cells, thus a PERMANENT increase in the LENGTH and GIRTH of the penis is achieved, in both the erect and flaccid state. One way to think about traction enlargement techniques is to consider the necks of the Giraffe women of the Padang tribe in Birmania. These Padang women apply rings, one by one around their neck. Slowly their necks stretch to unbelievable proportions. Another example of extended traction is found with burn patients, who often have balloons inserted just under their skin. Over a period of time, the balloon is slowly inflated to stretch the skin. The extra or ‘stretched’ skin is then remove and used for reconstructive surgery, leaving enough skin at the donor site to close the graft. This form of enlarging tissue and even bone, as is the case of the Padang women is achieved over time. The sessions are built up starting with LOW traction for SHORT periods, eventually concluding in high traction for long session periods. The Golden Rule when starting traction enlargement is to TAKE IT SLOW at first. You do NOT want to SHOCK the tissue and cells in the penis by applying to much tension for too much time, this type of hurried practice will do no good and may even be harmful. Consider how the women of Padang extend their necks – one by one - over long periods of time. If YOU tried to put all those rings on ALL at ONCE, you’d probably break your neck. So you just have to TAKE IT SLOW in the beginning.

Wearing your MALE-MAX Penis Enhancer

For best growth results, it is recommended to apply heat to the penis before the traction sessions. This can be achieved by simply wrapping the penis with a very warm towel for approximately 10 - 20 minutes. After this warming period, massage the penis for a few minutes by pulling down on it, in a motion similar to that of milking a cow udder, then apply your MALE-MAX with light tension.

STEP 1 - Glans Harness

With the penis in a flaccid state, un-hook the Glans Harness from the traction elastic and place the harness over the head of the penis. With the toggle on the underside of the penis, carefully slide the toggle towards the head of the penis until it fits LOOSLY. It should NOT fit tightly like a hang-man’s noose.

STEP 2 - Leg Harness

Slide the Leg Harness onto whichever leg your penis naturally points towards (the side you dress). Adjust the Leg Harness so it feels comfortable, just bellow the knee.

STEP 3 - Adjusting the Traction Tension

With the penis in a flaccid state, re-connect the traction elastic to the Glans Harness. Adjust the Tension of the elastic until it gives only a VERY SLIGHT pulling force on the penis.

Once you have fitted your MALE - MAX and everything is comfortable, you can start on your penis development program.

Your MALE-MAX should only be worn for short traction sessions for the first few days. These initial sessions should hold your penis in LIGHT traction (tension) for approximately 30 minutes at a time. After 30 minutes, unhook the silver clasp from the Tension elastic and leave the penis in a relaxed state for 30 minutes, then repeat for a total of approximately 8 hours within a 24 hour period. After this initial "breaking in" period you will be able to extend the sessions for longer and longer periods, for example; 2 hours in traction with a 30 minute relaxation period, building up time and traction tension as the week’s progress. NOTE: Due to the average male gaining many erections while sleeping, it is NOT recommended to wear your MALE-MAX while you sleep!


Your penis is an EXTREMELY sensitive organ and is probably not used to this development program, so don't be too harsh in the beginning. It is very important that the tension be VERY SLIGHT at first - your penis has to get used to this device being on it.

YOU are SOLELY responsible for how this device is used. This is not an approved medical device and you the user assumes all responsibility. Nothing should be so tight as to cut off blood flow in either the leg or penis. Use common sense while working on your development program. If you experience any pain or something is uncomfortable, something may be too tight or the device has been worn too long, check the tension, if necessary, release tension from the device or the toggle and if necessary, stop using the device until you feel better! Do NOT sleep while wearing your MALE-MAX.

The material contained herin is protected by international copyright laws and may not be duplicated in part or in whole without written consent from the copyright holder. mALEmAX PRO HD is a trademark of the owner. Copyright 2009 Zazel2005

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