Your Guide to Women's Timberland Walking Shoes

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Your Guide to Women's Timberland Walking Shoes
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Your Guide to Women's Timberland Walking Shoes

Practically any pair of women's Timberland shoes can handle flat and rough terrain, but your feet demand proper protection and support. For occasions when you plan to do lots of walking or hiking, do not settle for less than a pair of women's Timberland walking shoes. Timberland specializes in crafting comfortable yet rugged shoes that you can wear all day, and in style, too. Even better, the manufacturer makes footwear for men, women, and children, so you can rest assured that the pair of women's Timberland walking shoes you select was designed for your needs.

Of course, picking out a pair of walking shoes involves more than finding a pair designed for women. You must consider other factors, such as measurement, support, and intended use.


When to Buy Walking Shoes

Since solid, dependable women's Timberland walking shoes can cost a pretty penny, you should learn when to buy a new pair of walking shoes and when to wait. Flip over your current pair of walking shoes and examine the soles. If the soles look uneven and tattered, go ahead and shop around for a new pair. Uneven and worn soles affect your balance while walking, which can cause you to put more weight on one foot than the other.

Try to keep track of the miles you walk and hike. As a rule of thumb, replace your Timberland walking shoes every 500 miles. If you wear your walking shoes while doing other things, log those miles, too.



Just like the shoes you purchased to go with your favorite dress and the pair that complements your professional attire, you need to take stock of several factors before buying a pair of women's Timberland walking shoes. Measure each foot and jot down respective length and width. The walking shoes you buy should be at least as wide as your foot to distribute weight evenly as you walk. Do not be afraid to go a little wider to give your foot some breathing room.

You should also be able to bend the shoe's forefront. The more bendable your forefront, the more flexibility the shoe provides while walking. 



The shape of your feet determines the features you should look for in walking shoes. For instance, flat-footed walkers should look for shoes with a firm heel, which contributes to support. If you have a high arch, find shoes with thick mid-soles for extra padding.



Every step you take, regardless of the type of shoes you wear, sends a slight shock through your foot and up your leg. Cushioning mitigates that impact. Try to find a pair of women's Timberland walking shoes with extra cushioning in the heel and sole area; athletic shoes often add padding in the forefront, so make sure you do not select a pair of athletic shoes by mistake.


Walking Shoes and Running Shoes

You might feel tempted to save some money and buy running shoes that double as walking shoes. Running shoes are almost exactly like walking shoes, but with more cushioning and support, since running takes a greater toll on your feet than walking. Additionally, running shoes provide extra benefits, such as thicker heels for greater stability.

The problem is that running shoes are less flexible than walking shoes in order to keep the runner's feet from rolling. Err on the side of support and safety and stick to women's Timberland walking shoes when you want to walk, and buy a pair of running shoes specifically for running.


The ABCs of Walking Shoes

The deeper you dive into walking shoes, the more jargon you unearth. To facilitate the right purchase, take time to learn about the pieces and parts that make up walking shoes from Timberland and most other shoe manufacturers, and the ways they protect your feet.


Shoe Part

Function and Benefit


Bottom of shoe interior

Cushioning provides comfort

Can mitigate odor and fungus


Thick layer of sole

Cushioning protects against shock

Roll Bar

Prevents feet from rolling to either side

Ankle Collar

Padded opening around collar

Some collars are notched for better Achilles tendon support

Arch Support

Supports high part of feet


Above all else, select women's Timberland walking shoes that offer good support, flexibility, and shock absorption. This keeps your feet in the best condition while walking.


How to Buy Women's Timberland Walking Shoes on eBay

You can find a variety of women's Timberland walking shoes, such as Tilton waterproof hiking boots, Chocorua Trail hiking boots made from Gore-Tex, and lots of other walking shoes from eBay's Top Sellers. Begin your search by navigating to any eBay page and locating the search bar. Enter general search terms, such as "women's Timberland walking shoes," for a broad list of results, or aim for specific products by entering specific search terms, such as "women's White Ledge waterproof Timberland." eBay's Top Sellers offer used walking shoes as well. If you buy used, read product descriptions to make sure you select shoes in good condition.

Thanks to the prevalence of women's Timberland walking shoes, you can find a pair that suits your everyday needs.

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