Your Guide to Star Trek 25th Anniversary Trading Cards

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Your Guide to Star Trek 25th Anniversary Trading Cards
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Your Guide to Star Trek 25th Anniversary Trading Cards

(Impel 1991)

1991 marked the 25th Anniversary of the original run of Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS) on television in 1966.  Impel published two sets of 25th Anniversary cards that incorporated the primary characters, stars and memorable episodes of the original Star Trek television show and Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Series One was released July 1991 and Series Two was released October 1991.

Odd numbered blue cards represented Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS), and even numbered red cards represented Star Trek: The Next Generation.  Cards were available individually.  A 15,000 run of limited edition tins with exclusive cards were issued.

The cards are not exactly rare, but some people seem to have an over inflated sense of their worth.  Individually, the cards are worth about $1.  The tins can be found open but with all the cards for around $25.  An unopened rack pack is worth about $5.  An unopened tin is worth the most, between $75 and $100.  The single cards often turn up autographed from conventions.

Autographed cards will be priced high or low depending on the signature.  This guide can't go into any depth about authenticating celebrity signatures, but there is enough Star Trek memorabilia running around that you can discover fairly easily if a signature is real or not.  Ask where the signature was acquired, most fans can tell you date, time, place, and regale you with stories of where they got it, for most of us have a personal connection or identification with those whose autographs we collect.  A store or person that has acquired the item from someone else won't have that history, but that doesn't mean the signature is fake, just that you won't have the same extension of the Star Trek experience.  As always when buying anything on the internet, the buyer is encouraged to ask as many questions of the seller as possible, that can never be stressed enough.

Katharsis Products occasionally picks up Star Trek singles when buying lots of other collectible cards.  You'll find that we make our cards available at reasonable prices and we aren't afraid to entertain all reasonable offers and work with you to combine shipping when purchasing multiple items at one time.


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Guide created December 2005 by Lane Orcslayer
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Copyright Info and Disclaimers:
Impel became SkyBox, then FleerSkyBox, and it is believed that the license for these cards now belongs to Rittenhouse Archives.
Star Trek is owned by Paramount Pictures.

The information in this guide is provided only to help prospective sellers and buyers identify these cards correctly and are not meant to be an infringement or challenge to the current copyright holders or license owners.

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