Your Guide to Holiday Cottages in Scotland

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Your Guide to Holiday Cottages in Scotland

Scotland may be one of the smallest countries in Europe but it can lay claim to having some of the most dramatic scenery. The Highlands presents visitors with tall mountains and deep valleys, lush forests, rugged coastline, and rolling hills. In the Lowlands visitors can find very old architectural structures that have stood witness to the history of Scotland and the U.K. Aside from the magnificent scenery in Scotland, there is, of course, whisky, Scotland's contribution to the world of sport, golf, and a long history that stretches back thousands of years. For those with inclinations towards the paranormal, Scotland is also home to the mythological Loch Ness Monster.

If you and your family or friends are planning to go to Scotland for the holidays, there are many holiday cottages to choose from. There are several locations in Scotland where you can spend the holidays, and there are also different types of cottages to choose from. eBay offers a variety of listings for different types of holiday accommodation in Scotland.

Locations in Scotland

When considering where to base yourself in Scotland, know that Scotland is made up of several distinct regions: The Highlands and Islands, Central Highlands, Argyll and the Isles, Central Scotland, and South Scotland. These five regions can all boast their own history, heritage, and certainly awe-inspiring landscapes.

The Highlands and Islands

Considered to be the last great wilderness of Europe, this region of Scotland offers vast, empty landscapes and different islands to explore. Popular destinations in The Highlands and Islands include:

  • Caithness
  • Ross and Cromarty
  • Shetland and Orkney
  • Sutherland
  • Skye and The Outer Hebrides

This region is best known for its mountains, rolling landscapes, and rugged coastline.

Central Highlands

This region has a very diverse geographical setup, complete with mountains, rolling hills, and lakes, or as the Scots like to call them 'lochs'. Consider searching for cottages in these notable tourist spots:

  • Aberdeen and Grampian
  • Aviemore, Speyside, Cairngorms
  • Fort William and Lochaber
  • Inverness and Loch Ness
  • Moray and Lower Speyside

Popular outdoor activities in this region include mountain climbing and biking. Indoors activities include the drinking real Scotch whiskey in the Speyside Way.

Argyll and The Isles

Rugged coastlines, fishing villages, seafood, and varied marine life are the main attractions in this region. Argyll is often referred to as Scotland's Sea Kingdom with its long stretch of Atlantic coastline. The Isles, are perfect for island hopping and visiting the various villages dotted along Scotland's West Coast.

Central Scotland

Central Scotland, otherwise known as the Scottish Midlands, offers the best of Scotland heritage, from its many villages, markets, and historic sites, to long coastlines, rolling hills, glens, and lochs. Enjoy both Highland and Lowland sceneries in Central Scotland. This is Scotlands most populous region. Notable centres include:

  • Perthshire
  • Angus and Fife
  • Loch Lomond, Stirling and the Trossachs
  • Edinburgh and The Lothians
  • Glasgow and The Clyde Valley

Because of the plethora of attractions on offer in Central Scotland, a visitor has a wealth of holiday cottages to choose from.

South Scotland

Old castles, small abbeys, mill towns are just some of the attractions in South Scotland. Cottages of different types are available in these wonderful areas of South Scotland.

  • Arran
  • Ayrshire
  • Dumfries and Galloway
  • Scottish Borders

This region is also home to the Isle of Arran, which is known to many as 'Scotland in Miniature'. There is truly a lot to enjoy in this part of Scotland.

Different Types of Holiday Cottages in Scotland

Various holiday cottages exist in Scotland for the convenience of its visitors. These cottages range from small to large cottages, and from cottages for couples to cottages for a big group or family.

Pet-Friendly Cottages

For many, it is heartbreaking to leave the pet dog or cat alone in the house when going on a holiday. For this reason, there are now many pet-friendly cottages that allow one or two pets to stay in the cottage. However, the owners of these cottages may charge extra for each pet. Some cottages may have rules about where the pets sleep. If you are bringing a pet, always ask the owner of the pet-friendly cottage if he or she has pet supplies such as dog beds, furniture throws, and cat litter. If not, you have to bring your own.

Family-Friendly Cottages

Many cottages are family-friendly. In essence, cottages that can accommodate more than two people, provide outdoor activities for the family, and house amenities for children and babies are classified as family-friendly cottages. There are many cottages in Scotland who offer all these features. Some have game rooms for the children and large family rooms where the whole family can congregate at the end of the day. Some cottages can provide high chairs and travel cots upon request.

Cottages with Swimming Pools

If you are going on a holiday in Scotland and you want to put out all the stops, you might as well get a cottage with an indoor swimming pool. This way you and your family or friends can swim anytime of the day within the confines of a rented cottage. Because this type of cottage is relatively large you can even hold a party poolside. There are cottages with swimming pools that can house up to 16 people, and have several bedrooms and bathrooms. The House of Craigie in Ayrshire is one example of a large cottage with an indoor swimming pool.

Country Cottage

The Scottish countryside itself is one of Scotland's big draws. Therefore, one should think about renting a country cottage to ensure easy access to Scotland's natural splendors. The great outdoors in this part of the U.K. has rolling hills and meadows, and nestled amongst all this are pubs and quaint shops. A country getaway makes for the perfect holiday. A cottage in Moray, Scotland, offers a little slice of heaven for nature lovers. From the cottage, guests have easy access to beaches, fishing villages, forests, mountains, and lochs. You can even swim with the dolphins at the Moray Firth dolphin colony, watch migrating birds fly, and spend the day kicking back in the mountains.

Cottage with an Open Fire

It is Scotland's traditional holiday cottages that really allow you to escape back in time. If you really want to experience old Scotland, aside from exploring the countrysides and the old castles, stay in a traditional cottage with an open fire. Scotland's mild climate and frosty winters ensure that open fires are staples in many traditional homes. There are cottages with open fires that burn logs and coals, while other cottages have wood burning stoves. At the end of of a day of sightseeing, fishing, or walk through the Highlands you can relax in the living room area with your family and friends, sipping hot drinks and swapping stories as you warm to the glow of the cottage's open fire. One finds cottages such as these located on Loch Awe, in Argyll. These cottages often have a cosy three-bedroom configuration that offers sightings of wild deer, squirrels, woodpeckers, and sea eagles.

Luxury Cottages

Luxury cottages are the type of cottages that showcase Scottish hospitality at its best and there are many of these luxury cottages in the offering. The Gypsy Palace is a historic cottage in Kirk Yetholm, Scotland and offers spectacular view from inside and out. It sits in the foothills of the Cheviots and on the edge of Northumberland National Park. It is has a fully-furnished large lounge, small dining room, and bathroom. This cosy cottage is a four-star detached, self-catering house that has apparently been the abode of a number of gypsy kings and queens.

Advantages of Different Holiday Cottages

The table below shows the distinct advantages of different holiday cottages in Scotland. This table can help a family or any group decide which type of holiday cottage is the best for them.

Cottage Type


Pet-Friendly Cottage

Allow pets; some offer pet supplies like beds and litters

Family-Friendly Cottage

Has amenities for children and babies; some have game rooms and can provide high chairs and travel cots upon request

Cottage with a Swimming Pool

Can accommodate large number of people; can be a party venue; allow for swimming indoors all year round

Country Cottage

The great outdoors is always within reach

Cottage with an Open Fire

Traditional atmosphere; warmth provided by an open fire that burns logs and coals

Luxury Cottages

Thoughtfully decorated, some are historic; additional services and features

The table above lists the common types of cottages found in Scotland. It is always important to double check with the owner of the cottages regarding all the features and amenities on offer.

How to Find Holiday Cottages on eBay

There are so many types of holiday cottages in Scotland and you can find a great deal on one on eBay. Whether you are looking for a cottage in The Highlands or Central Scotland, you can find a listing on eBay. Searching for a holiday cottage in Scotland on eBay is very easy. You can type keywords such as 'Scotland cottage' directly into the search bar on the site. Another way to search for holiday cottages is to begin your search on the homepage and then use various search filters to narrow your options.

What is great about eBay is that with the local search engine's various filter options you can request that only certain listings be displayed based on your preferences. This way, the site's search engine eliminates those listings that are not suitable. Booking a holiday cottage on eBay is both easy to do and can prove very economical.


Scotland is country full of awe-inspiring landscapes that include mountains, rolling hills, castles, and traditional villages, not to mention beaches and serene lakes. There are different areas in Scotland to explore, ranging from The Highlands and Isles to the cultural epicentre that is the Scottish Midlands. For those who are planning to spend a holiday in Scotland, a good choice of accommodation is a holiday cottage.

There are different types of cottages to be found all over Scotland. There are cottages that allow pets and there are cottages that feature amenities and provide outdoor activities for the enjoyment of the whole family. There are traditional cottages with open fires, while there are even large cottages complete with high-end amenities like heated, indoor swimming pools. A country cottage with the great outdoors within easy access is a good choice for nature lovers and thrill seekers. There are also luxury cottage that offer a variety of indulgent services like spa treatments and  high-end leisure activities. Different cottages attract different people with different needs. It is important to know the advantages of each type of cottage and weigh it against the preference of the individual or group to make sure that the stay in Scotland is as comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable as possible.

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