Your Guide to Celine Bags

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Your Guide to Celine Bags

The right handbag can make or break an outfit. A stylish handbag can add polish and professionalism to nearly any look. Celine handbags are a staple of the fashion world and have been for decades. With their classic details, colors, and impeccable construction, a Celine handbag can be a worthwhile investment for any woman. When choosing a Celine bag, shoppers should consider the different collections, styles, and materials that are currently available.


Celine Bag Collections

Although the Celine brand introduces new handbags to its seasonal collections each year, a few collections have stood the test of time. These classic Celine bags include the Luggage line, the Trapeze line, and the Edge collection.

Celine Luggage Bags

The Celine Luggage collection is perhaps the best known of all Celine bags. These bags come in five different sizes. In descending order of size, these include the Celine Medium Luggage tote, the Shoulder Luggage bag, the Mini Luggage bag, the Micro Luggage bag, and the Nano Luggage bag. Celine Luggage bags feature a zip top and interior pockets for keeping track of items like cell phones and wallets. The Celine Luggage design also includes feet on the bottom of the bag that match the rest of the bag's hardware, which serve to protect the bottom of the bag from dirt and other debris on the ground or floor.

Celine Trapeze Bags

The Celine Trapeze line of bags is another classic choice. The Trapeze bag, which is also available in different sizes, has signature gathered sides that stand out from the edge of the bag's body. The result is a trapeze effect that is unique and gives the bag more interior room. Unlike the Luggage bag, these bags have a fold-over flap that fastens on the front, using silver or gold hardware.

Celine Edge Bags

One of the newer additions to the classic Celine look is the Edge style of bag. Available in both monotone and two-color designs, it has angular features that put it squarely into the Celine style. Unlike the Trapeze and Luggage designs, the Edge bag has straight sides. It also features a long, decorative zipper pull and a short top handle rather than a shoulder strap.


Celine Bag Styles

Celine also has bags each year that do not fit within any of its classic lines. Bucket bags, hobo-style bags, and handbags with funky, geometric handles are all interesting designs that are unlikely to appear season after season. However, more classic designs, such as the tote are available during most seasons.


Celine totes do not feature the same design details as some of the other luxury brands from the label. These bags have an open top and a long handle so that they are easy to carry. Totes can be smooth leather or even canvas for extra durability.


A Celine clutch is the perfect option for an evening out where a large Luggage bag or tote would simply be too much. These Celine bags do not feature a shoulder strap or top handle. A simple Celine pouch in soft leather can add a pop of color to any outfit and still fits all of the essentials.


Celine crossbody bags are the perfect marriage between the minimalism of a clutch and the utility of a tote. These bags are slightly larger than a clutch and feature a long strap useful for wearing across the chest, which adds security and comfort.


Celine Bag Materials

The material used to make a handbag can have a significant effect on both how the bag looks and how it stands up to normal wear. Sometimes the most beautiful materials are also the most durable, but that is not always the case.





Drummed leather

Dimpled calfskin with a soft, texture appearance

Exterior of large handbags

Natural calfskin

Smooth calf leather

Handbag exteriors


Soft, synthetic material that is easy to clean

Bag interiors


Durable, woven cotton

Exteriors for totes and larger bags


Soft and supple treated leather

Handbag exteriors

Calf hair

Calfskin leather with hair intact, often dyed in bright colors

Accent panels for larger handbags


Ultimately, a shopper looking to purchase a Celine bag needs to find the right balance between style and durability. If she wants to be able to use the bag on a regular basis, it is best not to be afraid that any jostle could cause a scratch or scrape to her designer bag.


How to Buy a Celine Bag on eBay

When you know that a Celine bag is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, start searching on eBay for the perfect one. Use the search box, which is on every page of the site, to enter some search terms like "black Celine handbag" or "Celine clutch." You can then use the eBay filters to narrow down your results and find the perfect bag for your collection. A stylish handbag can lend confidence to the woman who carries it. When you buy a Celine handbag, you are making an investment in yourself.

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