Your Guide to Buying a Portable Massage Table

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Your Guide to Buying a Portable Massage Table

Massage is a wonderful way to reduce stress and ease bodily aches and pains. Many people choose to go to school for massage therapy to provide massage to people for both medicinal and relaxation purposes. Masseuses can find work at spas, resorts, and even doctors' offices. However, many masseuses may want to be able to visit clients at their homes or offices. In order to be a successful visiting masseuse, one must own a portable massage table. These tables are easy for a masseuse, or massage therapist, to bring with them from location to location in order to provide massages to their clients. Portable massage tables are readily available on eBay.


Portable Massage Table Basics

When you are ready to purchase a massage table, the first thing to consider is which type of massage table works best for your practice. Two main types of massage tables are available. The first is a tilt-back, or reiki, table. Reiki tables are open on the ends. This lets massage therapists get close to their clients from all angles. The top of the table tilts up and down so therapist can adjust the table to the client's comfort and the style of the massage. A flatbed table is much simpler; it does not tilt or adjust. Both tables fold up for portability.

The width of the table is extremely important; portable massage tables usually measure between 29 and 35 inches wide. Be sure that your clients can lay comfortably while the table supports their whole body. A narrower table is good for smaller massage therapists, so they can more easily reach across the table. Consider the type of massage; if it requires the client's arms to rest on the table, a wider table can fit the client more comfortably.


Table Weight

One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a portable massage table is the weight of the table. Each portable massage table comes with a label showing two weights: the static weight and the working weight. The static weight is the weight of the table itself. The working weight is how much weight the table can hold once a person is lying on it. Consider the type of massage when determining the working weight. For athletic massage or shiatsu, purchase a table with a higher working weight, as the clients may be larger. Tables can weigh anywhere between twenty and fifty pounds.

Test the weight of the table before purchase. Put pressure on the table to see how sturdy it is. If shiatsu is part of the repertoire, try standing or kneeling on the table as when massaging. Fold up the table and carry it for a short distance. Users must know that the table is light enough to carry easily.


Table Padding and Upholstery

Another key factor to consider about a portable massage table is the amount of padding it has. Padding on a massage table can range from two to five inches thick. Use padding that is at least two and a half inches thick to provide comfort for a client.

The type of massage determines what type of padding is best. For a "soft" massage, such as Swedish massage, a thicker, softer padding is best. Massage therapists who perform "harder" massage, such as sports massage, should look for thicker, denser padding. While soft padding is much more comfortable for the client, a padding that is more firm is much more durable. Thicker padding can make a table more expensive.

Buyers should feel the upholstery that covers the padding on the table to make sure it is comfortable. Most tables feature leather or vinyl upholstery. Most massage therapists cover their tables with sheets during use. However, the feel of the upholstery should be a consideration. Be sure to choose a fabric that is durable and easy to clean.


Massage Table Frame

The material of the frame is another consideration. Most massage table frames are made of either metal or wood. Both materials provide a strong, sturdy frame for the table. Each has advantagesl.






holds up to 450 pounds

esthetically pleasing

less expensive



lighter to carry

Generally iron or aluminum


Both styles of portable massage table are a great investment for massage therapists. Each style is easy to find on eBay.


How to Buy Portable Massage Tables on eBay

Purchasing a portable massage table on eBay is very simple to do. Simply enter the proper search terms, "Portable Massage Table," into the search bar found on any page within eBay. The site then provides a large list of options from which to choose. To narrow the list of items, enter more specific search criteria such as "Reiki Massage Table." A much narrower list of options then appears. Click on an item or its photo to get a full product description, with pricing information and product specifications such as the width and weight of the table.

A portable massage table is a great investment for any massage therapist. It lets you do your work at almost any location. The therapist can then expand both business and clientele. Portable massage tables are available for any budget.

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