You can now use PayPal on

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You can now use PayPal on
. Views . Comments Comment . 368 Votes now accepts PayPal.  When I first wrote this guide, HDC did not.

HDC was purchased by eBay, but considered the "red-headed stepchild" of eBay.  Several times, eBay tried to shut down HDC, but decided to keep it around.  When I went to eBay Live 2008 in Chicago, I was informed that there was some programming done to add PayPal to HDC, but it had not been completed.  Many people had hoped there would be PayPal integration, since eBay owns both PayPal and HDC, but always seemed to leave HDC behind.

Now in 2013, without any formal announcement or promotion, PayPal can be used to pay for purchases on HDC.  Prior to 2013, my guide showed buyers their only options for using PayPal.  Its nice to see eBay ake such a positive step forward to HDC.


While was never set up to directly accept PayPal, there are a few ways you can pay with PayPal on HDC.
Thanks to discussion board members, here is good information on how you can use PayPal to make purchases on HDC:

*** 2012 UPDATE ***

HDC now has HoE - Half on eBay, where sellers can opt-in to eBay.

The HoE items are only searchable by ISBN or UPC.  This means, if you want something on HDC but want to pay via PayPal, open another browser window to eBay, and enter the UPC or ISBN.  In many cases, the item will be available by the same seller, and you will get to use PayPal and have eBay buyer protection!

PROBLEM HERE: eBay just updated their "search", and HDC items are no longer appearing on eBay.  This happened October 2012.  So, the best way to get a item on eBay is to email the seller, asking them if they would list on eBay for you.

Apparently, eBay does not care for nor the sellers, and decided to stop allowing their items to show up.  The email received basically said "list your items on eBay or they'll only appear on HDC" (in summary).


There are multiple ways to use PayPal to pay for orders at

1) You can Get a Debit Card from PayPal put that on account with and use it to pay for your purchases. This way you get a 1% discount for your purchases. PayPal gives 1% cash back on any purchase made with the debit card. Hint (You can also put this card on file with Ebay to pay your Ebay fees and get the 1% back.)

2) You can get a Credit Card from PayPal and use it on

3) You can use a Virtual Credit Card Number that a little browser add in (from PayPal) creates for you. This should be the most secure as the number is only good for the 1 transaction.

If you log into your PayPal account and click the the Product & Services tab you will find all of these offers.

I hope this helps some people out.  I will be more than glad to update this, if there are other options.
There has been some talk of accepting PayPal on in the future, but presently there has been no ETA.

I hope you found this guide useful, and wouldn't mind voting.  Thank you!

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