Xmas is solved. Gift box of Yu-Gi-Oh!

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Xmas is solved. Gift box of Yu-Gi-Oh!
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So your son (lets face it your daughters are unlikely to, although mine does) plays YuGiOh! You know Xmas is coming and you want to get him a cool present. So what shall it be? Well of course a YuGiOh! Card, deck, play mat etc

How do you start? I started by a few random ish searches on ebay and the internet to see what online sellers there were. Greylight is the most comprehensive I came across until I found Ebay. Why? Because the ebay prices are the ones that people pay, ordinary people like you and me. The £20 –30 price tag from a dealer is lowered by several pounds if not more, there will probably be several people offering the same card ( or at least they seem to be) and you can use the auction to set a limit and see what you can bid on. However please do not only window shop, The main cause of negative feedback appears to be parents who have promised there kids three god cards receiving grab bags and not being satisfied. Well there is nothing wrong with a mixed bag of rares, commons and ultra’s – if you were expecting it. If on the other hand the picture was of the three gods, the text refered to all three ( but as possible items in the bag) and you paid £20+ then you have a right to be disappointed. But remember these cards are worth £20 each so why is a dealer selling them cheap?

Answer – He is not. You only think he is.

Never look a gift Slifer in the mouth!?  Quest for gods!

I have mainly focused on sellers with either a returns policy, a very good reputation, a good range of YuGiOh! Items ie they are experienced in dealing, even playing them. Also whomever is chosen YOU MUST ADD IN the Postage! As some dealers set a high postage and no (1p) min on the auction to encourage trading. I do not find this objectionable (if it is £10 + 50p p+p or .£010 and £9.99 postage) as the final invoice is the relevant amount. However ask your selves why the high postage, hopefully there is a reason – not just greed!

Ask for images of the card, with a daily newspaper. This helps for two reasons, Firstly you can check the existence of an item and its condition.

Try experiencing both selling and buying as each gives you an insight into the others style.

Remember to bid as your heart dictates - Blade Rabbit !!! Jonah!!!1 not always cyber stein.

Also keep an eye out for older discontinued items or a set compiled by a collector. Ask yourself how experienced your duellist as some cards are only really helpful to meta game enthusiasts of experience. We plain amateurs are not interested in why Book of moon is a cool card.

This all brought me to an early present- Yugioh! The Movie (DVD)camers, light and action! with an unopened exclusive promotional pack and a single gold movie pack card ( mine was Pyramid of light). Here I had all of the main monsters from the movie (all 3 sphinx’s and Peten) I was a fully kitted out Kaiba boy / Anubis! And all for a reaasonable £15 my sons stocking has never seen anything like it. Coool.

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