Wizkids Pirates of... CCG-DAVY JONES' CURSE

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Wizkids Pirates of... CCG-DAVY JONES' CURSE
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Pirates of Davy Jones' Curse is a expansion set of the Whizkids Collectable card game: Pirates of the Spanish Main.(Released on May 31,2006)

        This set introduces Sea Monsters and a new key word-The Black Mark!         

  • -The Nationalities of Cursed,American,Pirate,British,Spanish,& French are represented.
  • -The Dice is red in color (d6-six sided die)
  • -The Black Mark-A crew with this mark, may start the game as if it belonged to the Cursed nation.Play it face up if so.The ship it's assigned to is now considered to belong to the Cursed nation.If played face up in this way,the crew's point cost is increased by 1.
  • -Famous names abound in this set: Davy Jones,The Flying Dutchman(One of the most famous ghost ships),The Pequod(From the book Moby Dick),etc.
  • -Sea Monsters-Ten rare pieces are Sea monsters(Two are Super Rare*) they are:Leviathan,Calim,Calypsos,Mist Walker*,Behemoth*,Tiamat,Gog Clocthoth,Slarg Gubbit,Jorgmungandr,Tsuro.Controllers decide weather they are submerged(can only move),or surfaced(can move and attack) Some are able to fire breath,and add fire mast to ships.Or move in and out of fog banks anywhere in the game.Or do damage by removing crew and masts.
  • -Unique Treasure- Some treasure affect how Sea monsters deal damage.  I.E.-Livestock-This treasure is given to the monster to make it go away (sacrifice the animals to save the crew)Chariot of the Gods-Allows a player to add crew to the monster to get more fire power,etc.Cursed Conch-Lets a player give a monster an action,even is the monster is not in his or her fleet.
  • -The Super Rares- Behemoth,Mist Walker,Screaming  Mimi.The Red Skull.These are often found in a "Super Rare Pack",& are hard to come by in this way.
  • -The set consists of 141 cards in the base set(not counting the different versions of islands)with 18 more bonus ships,which were sold in special boxed sets.The sets had 6 ships/and or forts,3 crew and or treasure,as well as 2 islands & 1 (d6) dice.
  • Over all exciting and fun,Whizkids have captured the feel of old legends of the Sea,& Pirates with this set!
  • Rule the  Seas, and take no prisoners!
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