Wireless or Wired Cameras? What should I choose??

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There are many retailers offering wireless cameras these days, and boasting about the range, and quality as well as the ease of installation of these cameras...However, they neglect to inform you of the  MAJOR FLAWS of a wireless camera system!

Wireless cameras are not secure! These cameras are easy to install, but they can allow a professional, or even an amateur who has a few dollars and access to a Radio Shack® store, to see inside your house or business, and case the robbery from the outside.

This defeats the purpose of a Security Surveillance System!!! Now you never know who is watching you on your own cameras!

These cameras operate on very crowded frequency bands which can be interfered with by a Mobile Phone, Wireless Access-Point, Wireless Network Card, or many other wireless devices. This also demonstrates how easy it is to disable the camera system from outside of your home or business.

Wireless cameras are not stable. The pictures flip, and the least disturbance in the area, such as a person walking by the receiver can disturb the picture.

Finally, the wireless cameras broadcast on the same frequency. You can only have one wireless camera in an area. There are multiple frequency cameras that come with multiple frequency receivers, but not only do the cost 3-4 times more, they are also not reliable, and suffer from channel drift as the video from one channels drifts into the next.

In our our experience a Wired Surveillance System is the very best solution!.

CAUTION - You can only have ONE WIRELESS CAMERA in an area, as they broadcast on the same frequency. If you have two or more, all you will get is noise when you go to view them on your monitor.

There are cameras that are multiple frequency cameras, and they require multiple frequency receivers. The start in price at $120.00 US each. They are limited to 4 channels, Unfortunately, apart from being expensive, they also suffer from channel drift, as the signal from one channel drifts into the other channels. Not an ideal set-up at all.

There is one really good reason to purchase a wireless camera. That is for its ability to be set up quickly without stringing wires. So we suggest you consider, 3 wired cameras and one wireless camera to take advantage of this capability to move one camera around easily, without compromising the entire set-up.

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