Why so Much to ship?????

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Why does it cost so much to ship my items?


first of all shipping costs by the US Mail went up in May 2007 that is the main reason but the Hidden reason is.....Ebay~

Ebay you say why? Ebay allowes seller to charge this LIST FEES in the shipping and handling charges of items when you purchase them.

What does this mean? every item listed on ebay is charged a fee AND a percentage of the item at the time of the sale~ THEY CHARGE TO LIST AN ITEM EVEN IF DOES NOT SELL. this is how they stay in business. Sellers are allowed to add these fees into SHIPPING COSTS. and Most sellers to this~

SO THE NEXT me you say....this seller is GREEDY he made $2.00 on shipping fees.....PROBABLY NOT~ his $2.00 went to pay for his list fees on ebay~

DID YOU ALSO FACTOR IN THE COST OF BOXES AND MAILERS? those are expensive take a stroll down the shipping and mailing section of Walmart or any other retailer ....those little mailers and boxes are not cheap~

combined shippping~! ah now you feel you are saving money~ you are~!

who looses ....the seller~ he is still charged the SAME FEES FOR EACH ITEM NO MATTER HOW MANY HE PACKS IN ONE BOX FOR YOU....so ADD FEES FOR THOSE THREE ITEMS you got the discount on combined shipping and see the seller will be about breaking even on combine shipping. The ADDED amount is the HIDDEN FEES THE SELLER HAD TO PAY~

so the nex time you wonder WHY the shipping charge are going up all the time.....now you know~


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