Why sellers don't accept personal checks.

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Why don't sellers accept my personal check?

The answer to this question is quite complex; but, boils down to a few simple points.  First, many sellers have been in business for a long time, and during that time have been burned at least one or more times by dishonest buyers; or, by an occasional buyer who failed to balance his checkbook.  Either way, the seller is then out his costs for the item and shipping; and, also the $40 or more his bank charges him for the insufficient-funds or closed-account check.  When you are selling $10 items, it doesn't take very many of these outrageous dealings to bankrupt you.  If you are a major seller, selling expensive items, the result is the same.  Wise people do not make the same mistake more than once.

Before EBAY screwed-up the feedback system in their last fiasco of "improvement."  Sellers at least had some modicum of help in establishing the reputation of buyers in order to decide whether or not to risk accepting their personal checks.  This latest round of idiocy from EBAY has eliminated that important element of evaluation, and the seller is left with nothing.  The result is that more and more sellers have elected to not take the risk and are refusing personal checks.  To the vast majority of buyers out there, this is a slap in the proverbial face; but, blame EBAY and their stupid feedback policies, not the sellers who are trying to make a living.  You cannot go into a brick & mortar store and use a personal check, without substantial and verifiable identification.  Why should your EBAY dealings be less secure?

Most sellers DO accept PAYPAL, Money Orders and Cashiers Checks.  I advise against the latter, because it's like sending cash in the mail.  Not a wise thing to do.  PAYPAL costs a small fee; but, it's the most secure and safest way to handle EBAY purchases.  In addition, you can use your VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN  EXPRESS, Etc. cards  with PAYPAL; whereas, most small sellers do not have the facilities to directly accept these types of payment.  Using PAYPAL also gives both the seller and the buyer some levels of protection, which are not available elsewhere.

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