Why pay retail at shoe stores, I get em 75% off!

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Why pay retail at shoe stores, I get em 75% off!
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Want NIKE, Jordan, Timberland,UGG, and all other name brand shoes at wholesale/warehouse price?


Please take the time to read this valuable information!






  I assure you its not a scam. I did a lot of research to find how to get shoes at direct warehouse price, because I'm a shoe finatic.(Not a shoe salesman, although I am keen on business strategies) They get the shoes directly from where there made in the U.K. See they get the boxes that don't ship out because the boxes are a little worn, kind of smooshed a bit etc. They inventory the shoes, which are brand new and have no flaws, together in style and size. Then they get the the shoes and place them with a proper box and send them out.
  I am just a wholesale advisor if you will. I just realize that thousands of businesses would love this information, so I decided that in my situation maybe I could have some kind of income. I moved out from home at age 12 and I've to make it on my own. I just make smart desicions. I'm almost 19 now and I feel like I'm 40.
  Sorry to tell so much about me, that doesn't really matter, but what does matter is I ordered 10 pair to try them (because shipping is $20 from there to where I live in AL, unles you buy that many then its free) and I was astounded because I too was skeptic. You know, authenticy, quality, and it was all there for all that I recieved.
  They offer a wide variety including:
Shox with styles like: NZ Shox, R1 through R4 Shox, Even TL1 - TL3 Shox.
Air Force Ones, and Nike Air Max.
Adidas Shoes*
Jordan: 100's different Styles*
UGG: 100's of types boots*
They also include: many styles of Timberland boots,Puma shoes,Gucci,Prada, and all in 100's of styles!
All nikes start at 34 and are no more than 40.
All timberlands and UGG boots are about 70.
All other sneakers have the same range as the Nikes' above.
  This is not a one time chance this price is everytime.
If you want a certain pair. E-mail me with the brand, style, color, sex, and size.
I will give you a quote. If you would link to purchase this link for wholesale or dropship purposes email me with your questions.
I only accept Paypal.
If you don't have one register for one its free at:
Search Google, Enter PayPal Registration, click the top link, and your ready to go!

Thanks for your time and Have a Great Day!
Martin Lowery
Send mail to : martin_rawhide101
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