Why bid sniping doesn't get the best deals

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I know lots of people love bid sniping because you don't get into a bidding war, but it doesn't always give you the biggest bargains. For instance, what I do is watch a number of items, and if I see one that has a low bid price but no one has taken it yet, then I'll bid on it, usually with about a day or two to go. I'll put down a bid price of what I'm actually willing to pay. Now, this means if someone snipes me, they'll now have to outbid me, whereas if they'd already bid, I probably wouldn't have given the item a second look. For example, something has a start bid of $.01, just a penny. Say I'm willing to bid a dollar $1. Now, if the sniper wants that, he'll have to go to the next level, usually $1.50. Had the sniper actually bid earlier on, they'd have probably gotten the item for a penny!
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