Why Buy a Used Harmonica?

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Why Buy a Used Harmonica?
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I'm constantly scanning eBay's search results trying to find a bargain in a used harmonica. Many folks grimus when I tell them of my activities, and almost all ask the same question; "why in the world would you buy a USED harmonica?" There are several logical answers, that come to mind, almost immediately, when I'm asked this question. There's also several practical questions that need to be asked before making that final purchase of a used harmonica.
1: Money. Used harmonicas are less expensive then their new equivalent!

2: Money. Because you're buying used you can often by a better model!

3: Money. There's a larger field of choices when you're looking at what's been made in the last 50 or 75 years, compared to what's being made currently!

4: Money. Chances are the quality of a harmonica made decades ago, far surpasses the quality of today's mass produced instruments.

5: Money. You'll probably be able to find a more stylish instrument due to the workmanship of the older craftsman.

6: Money. The life expectancy of used instrument has already been demonstrated by it's mere existence!

7: Money. The sound of a used instrument will often be far superior to that of newer versions due to the use of better materials, such as real wood combs, heavy brass components and reeds, and much heavier chrome or Nichol outer casings.. Even the boxes they came in were of superior quality when compared to today's plastic trash.

8: Money. The competition between the founders of the industry was intense, making for that little extra, in trying to better the other guy's product. You had the giants of the industry, the Hohners, the Koch's the Bohmns, the Weises etc. battling it out for harmonica supremacy.

9: Money. Today's top of the line harmonicas can sell for as much as $600 or more retail! Sometimes you can find the same models that were used by poor little rich boys who tired of them, at an 8th of the original price!

10: Money

Questions to Ask
When Buying a Used Harmonica
1: Will the price with shipping and handling still be less expensive then the same model is new?

2: Are there any problems with the harmonica?

3: Are there any dents or blemishes that would make me feel uncomfortable when playing this instrument?

4: are there any cracks or damage to the comb which can cause problems in the future?

5: Is it really better then what I'm currently playing?


Many of these questions can be answered by closely scrutinizing the pictures in a listing, and by closely reading an items description. Watch for flags in the description such as, "hardly effects the sound", or "barely noticeable". If when received, the harmonica doesn't live-up to it's description, hold the seller's hand to the fire! It's very important that you don't give feedback until you're fully satisfied with the transaction. When you do, be fair and accurate! On-the-other-hand, don't be too demanding. Keep in mind that you are buying a used instrument, it's bound to show some use! I once got a used harmonica whose description read "in excellent condition". When I tried to play the first time, i found that the 3 holes in the center (out of ten) were inoperative. I think you'll agree that 3 bad holes out of 10 does not qualify as being in perfect condition! I got a full refund! But, don't let a horror story like that scare yo away. I've bought many harmonicas that turned out to be far better then their description read. ! So, shop on eBayer. Go Forth and pay retail no more!

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