Who is PARSON BROWN ??????

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Ok, we have all heard the Christmas sond Winter Wonderland before. What a lot of people dont know is who is Parson Brown? You know the lyrics......In the Meadow we can build a snowman,,,And pretend the he is Parson Brown.

Well Here is the answer-----

"Parson Brown" is the term used to talk about a typical priest of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. "Parson Brown" is not an actual person (though he might have been at some time), but a figure of speech, like "John Doe" is an unidentified male and "Charley" is a watchman. "Parson" by itself means minister. It's a priest asking a couple if they are married. They reply that they are not and that they will wait for him to "do the job" of marrying them when he comes to their town.

Now when someone brings this up you can give the correct answer and watch everyone else look like a dunb ass.

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