White House Easter Eggs

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White House Easter Eggs
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 I am not an expert on White House Easter Eggs, but I found a wonderful website that has a lot of useful information. The website,  "whitehouseeaster.com" provides photographs of White House Easter Eggs from 1981 until 2003.  It also provides the categories of White House Eggs included below.  I did not know, for example, that in 2003 the White House was open only to military families who received the "official" eggs. Therefore, the public had to purchase the "commemorative" eggs to add to their collections. In many years, there is a distinct difference between the "Official" and "Commemorative" eggs and reviewing the information on the website should help you. Further, with the price many eggs are selling for on eBay today, it would be foolish for us to pay "Official" egg prices when they may be "Commemorative" eggs. 

I do not know who started the website, but really appreciate the information he/she gathered to share.  If you have additional information on White House Easter Eggs, please let us egg-a-holics know so we are not duped by those who may not know there is a difference or an unscrupulous seller. Thanks


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