Which camera is best for Ebay

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I have seen dozens of discussions where members ask what is the best camera for Ebay. I have been taking pictures for about 55 years since I got my first "Kodak Box Camera" at age 7 (you do the math). That was long before digital Photos. I have owned or used over 100 different cameras over the years and perhaps 50 of them have been digital. The bottom line is any digital camera should work just fine if you know how to get the pictures into the computer (OR KNOW SOMEONE WHO CAN).

Let me explain! The picture you post on Ebay must fit in a standard sized space with a maximum of 400 pixels on the longest side. Ebay allows 800 pixels for supervsize pictures. Cameras are usually rated by mega pixels (thats 1,000,000 pixels). So 400 max per side only uses 160,000 and 800 per side uses 320,000. So as long as the camera takes clear pictures and you can transfer them to the computer they should be fine. Typically the pictures posted to ebay will be about 80-90 kb in size after you upload them to Ebay. All that is needed for the typical listing is about 6-10 kb. As you can see almost any digaitl camera could do that.

A simple point and shoot camera that plugs into a USB Port works just fine. My preferance for a long time has been a Sony Mavica because it takes pictures on a floppy disk. The disk pops right into the comnputer and your ready to go. Newer computers using a USB port does the same thing.

My mug shot here was taken with a 5.2MP Aipteck digital DV 5100 I purchased at Walgreens. It was 1227x1035 or 3.63MB (3,630,000KB) in my computer but only 88KB when uploaded to Ebay.

Hope someone finds this guide helpful, let me know if it helps you.





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