Where's The LINK Or Where are the STORE ITEM pics?

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Where's The LINK Or Where are the STORE ITEM pics?
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THE PROBLEM : The link for "Store Listings" matching my search criteria is gone!

    For those who are buyers, you may have noticed a recent change in the way ebay displays search results.  If you do a search, you will see in the following order on the page, from top to bottom (click here for an example):

  • list of featured listings matching your search criteria (with gallery pics if available)

  • _______________________________________ (a grey boundary line)

  • list of all non-store listings (with gallery pics if available)

  • _______________________________________ (2nd grey boundary line)

  • in minuscule print it says "Additional Buy It Now items from eBay Store sellers"

  • list of all matching store items (no gallery pics)

    What's the problem, you might think?  Where it now says "Additional Buy It Now items from eBay Store sellers," there used to be a link saying something like "see all matching items in ebay stores."  When you clicked on that now non-existing link, you were taken to the matching store items with gallery pics.  I don't know about you, but I prefer seeing pics when I shop.

THE SOLUTION: So, how do I see the relevant store search WITH PICTURES?

Here are the steps:

  • do search as usual - for this guide, we'll use an example a search for teak dining chair

  • see the yellow bar running vertically along the left side of the page - scroll down to the very bottom of the yellow bar.  There you will see a grey button "show items" and then the words "Customize options displayed above"  (see highlighted example in graphic below):

  • Click on Customize" > This sends you to a page called "Customize your search"
  • find & click on the words "Store Inventory Items" in the list on the left
  • Click "save" beneath the list > you will be returned to your search page
  • Go back to looking at the yellow vertically oriental space on the left side of the page > find & check the box next to the words "Store Inventory Items" (see area highlighted with orange oval in graphic below)  

  • scroll down to the bottom of the yellow area and click on the grey button reading "Show Items"

You should now see all the store items matching your search "teak dining chair" with gallery pics


An unresolved issue: selecting "Store Inventory Items" is not "sticky"

What do I mean?  If you go through the steps described above, you will see the "store inventory items" option appear on the left yellow bar  - but if you log-out and then login again, the yellow bar  menu will look as if you never went through the steps listed above.   In other words, in order to see the matching store listing display, you have to go through the steps outlined above EVERY time you sign in.

    If you have an comments, suggestions or complaints about this change, go to the eBay Stores forum.

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