When vintage photograph really means vintage

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When vintage photograph really means vintage
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I've been selling, and buying, on eBay for  ten years, and selling full time for five.  And mostly I sell vintage photographs from the Civil War to 1950.  An d I have noticed a troubling trend of late.  After viewing the listings under photo albums. CDVs, and tintypes, I often check "other vintage listings" and it appears that the majority of the items are actually recent copies of supposed vintage photographs.  Now my question is simply, when is a copy of an old photo considered a vintage photograph?  It would seem to me that a copy or reproduction or reprint or whatever one chooses to call it, it cannot, by any stretch of imagination, be vintage.  It's new and a copy.  Now the sellers of same do find clever ways of describing their product as a copy, thus avoiding the ire of eBay.  But it throws a shadow over those of us who list true vintage photographs.  I start out every listings as "vintage, original", yet I continue to received inquiries as to whether my listing is an original, followed by an addendum that the buyer has been burned in the past.  I think eBay should bar these copies from a category which clearly calls for vintage photographs.  make a separate place for the reprinters if they must, although I would assume that in such a case these reprinters would stop selling their copies.  In any, case I am tired of browsing through countless pages of this junk in search of the genuine product.
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