When is the Best time to sell on Ebay?

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When is the Best time to sell on Ebay?


It is sometimes frustrating to figure out when is the best time to sell. Is it luck for an item to get sold or is it because there is a best time to sell?  The answer to this question all depends on the whether the product is a hot or hard to find item. If this is the case, anytime is the best time to sell.

Items that are unique will mostly sell on a week night whenever most people are home from a tiring day or done with supper. Most people stay home on a week night because of a busy day. Sometimes, part of relaxation is going to the web. I know so many people can relate to this-including myself.

During weekdays, most people are at work so there are less people on the site than normal. Starting and ending an item at this time would not be beneficial unless if your item is the hot, rare, and/or a hard to find  item. If this is the case, your item would sell at a decent price.   

 During the weekends most people are out doing errands, watching movies, eating out, etc. Unless, if you are like me -weekends are house choir time.  So I would say in my opinion, the weekends would be harder to sell an item. Please remember that  this is not a fact, but an opinion based on observation. Of course, we know people that just have the touched and right words to described an item. These people,  I call the "Master minds." In their mind, they are able to find tricks to sell an item by describing it in a way that is appealing to people no matter what time or day it is. How to become a master mind is a new topic, that I have yet to master.  There are also people that I call the "gifted" ones. They are the lucky ones that can sell anything at any given time. Unfortunately, only a few people are gifted this way. Maybe if you pray hard enough you can be an elite gifted person.

Lastly, the best time in selling on Ebay really relies on the personality of a seller. We all liked to be treated kindly, therefore let's practice it on our selling ethics. If we do this, customers will come back no matter what day and time it is.  




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