When feedback should be given

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When feedback should be given
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I've had this experience so many times, it's not even funny. I bid on an auction; I win an auction; I pay for an auction; I await my item. In the meantime I get an email from the seller saying that when I leave them feedback, they will do the same for me. This I find appalling. I've done my part, played my role of bidding and paying. There's no reason I should have to leave them feedback before they leave me mine. If I've been prompt and they've gotten their money, then I've been a fabulous buyer. I'm done. Leave me my feedback about how well I participated in the transaction.

How arrogant that I should give them their props before they do for me. I actually had a seller give me neutral feedback because I had the gall to question them for not leaving me feedback first. I have sellers that I won't do business with for just this reason. There are plenty of other people out there with the items I'm looking for. If you're going to poo-poo the customer service (what little there is of it) I'll go elsewhere.

Granted, I know there are some lousy buyers out there, being difficult, slow, broke. But don't take it out on me. I went to the trouble of doing my business quickly and efficiently. Do what you're supposed to. I don't know about anyone else, but it sure seems like sellers out there are getting more arrogant and petty. You need me. For the most part, I don't need you. There's always someone else.
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