Wheel bolt patterns - Nissan / Infiniti

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First of all, just what is meant by "bolt pattern"?

Each wheel has a different bolt pattern, and some wheels even have 2 different bolt patterns which allow it to be mounted on a wider range of vehicles (not that all OEM / factory wheels have only 1 bolt pattern).

Most Bolt Patterns are represented in the following manner:

5x114.3 (or 5x4.5, which is the same as 5x114.3 just measured in inches)

* The "5" indicates the number of holes in the wheel for the bolts to enter and mount the wheel onto the car.
* The "114.3" indicates the diameter of the bolt circle measured in millimeters or inches. 4 and 6 bolt wheels are measured from the center of one bolt hole to the center of the bolt hole directly across from it. On a 5 bolt pattern, it is a bit trickier to measure without special tools. Imagine a circle running through the centers of each bolt hole. You would measure from the center of one bolt hole to the imaginary circle that lays between the opposite two bolt holes. Please keep in mind that just because a wheel has the same bolt pattern as your car, doesn't mean it will be a perfect fit. There are other factors that should be taken into consideration such as offset, wheel width, tire size and brake clearance. We will be posting more guides on these topics as well.

Below is a useful reference guide that lists years, models and bolt patterns for most Nissan and Infiniti wheels. Use the page search feature to find your particular model, since we've taken the extra care to list almost every single model and sub model for these brands.

We have posted bolt pattern guides for many other brands. Please see our other guides.

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5 x 4.5 (same as 5 x 114.3)


1989-2009 Maxima
2002-2009 Altima
2003-2009 Murano
1990-1996 300ZX
1990-1996 300ZX 2+2
1990-1996 300ZX Twin Turbo
2003-2009 350Z
1995-1998 240SX SE
2007-2009 Sentra Spec-V
2007-2009 Sentra Spec-V R


1996-2001 I30
2002-2004 I35
2006-2009 M35
2006-2009 M35x AWD
2006-2009 M35 Sport
2003-2009 M45
2003-2009 M45 Sport
1991-2009 Q45
1993-1997 J30
2003-2009 FX35 RWD
2003-2009 FX35 AWD
2003-2009 FX45
2003-2009 G35 coupe
2003-2009 G35 sedan
2003-2009 G35x AWD sedan

6 x 5.5 (same as 6 x 139.7)


2004-2009 QX56
1997-2002 QX4


2004-2009 Titan
2004-2009 Armada
1987-2004 Pathfinder
1998-2004 Xterra
1987-2004 Frontier

4 x 4.5 (same as 4 x 114.3)


1993-2001 Altima
2000-2009 Sentra (except Spec-V)
1990-1995 Access
1989-1998 240SX
1989-1992 Stanza

6 x 4.5 (same as 6 x 114.3)


2005-2009 Pathfinder
2005-2009 Xterra
2005-2009 Frontier
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