What's the Most Profitable Item To Sell on eBay?

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The answer is that the biggest and baddest "item" to sell on eBay is less of an actual item and more of an idea and an extremely profitable one it is at that. Let's get to it… You won't be trawling the net for long before you hear the one about how you should make your money by selling something you are deeply passionate about. Well, whatever. Not that it's totally defunct as an idea mind you, I mean if there's money in your passion that's good but if there's no market on eBay or anywhere else for your collection of turn-of-the-century toe nail clippers or whatever i.e. it doesn't cut the monetary mustard, then what? Let's forget the "passion" thing shall we?

Far better to adopt a professional attitude and approach and that means selling anything that can take a generous mark up and turns a healthy profit - and I do mean anything – so long as it's legal and doesn't offend your personal sensibilities that is! And funnily enough the "item" that racks up the baddest profits isn't what you might think… Ok let me demonstrate how the item in question can easily shoot your income into the stratosphere and pile up the profits. First, let's pretend that you start of your eBay career in the way most sellers do. You contact some wholesalers and source some branded goods of the sort your research suggest is likely to turn a decent profit and you put them up for auction. Low and behold you are right, they literally fly out and when all your eBay fees are taken into account you show a nice fat healthy return, hooray! Chalk one up for the newbie!

It's not going to last of course. Because it won't be long before all your "me too" competitors see you racking up the sales and come piling in for a piece of the action. It's the eBay equivalent of a land grab. Before you know it, the territory's been carved up and you are suddenly left out in the cold counting some pretty meager profits, your dreams of internet riches laid waste. It's a disaster for you but it's nothing new on eBay! So how do you avoid a repetition? Simple, you get yourself an ace in the hole. Here is what you do long before the carve up commences… Do you know that the second you sourced your first item to sell on eBay, set up your first auction, made your first sale and pocketed your first profits you automatically created a second "shadow" business? Every seller does but few realize it.

It's the most profitable business on planet Earth and here is how you put it into action with effortless ease… Get yourself an audio recording device - a simple audio cassette recorder will do. You are going to record in step by step detail and in very simple terms exactly what you did to succeed and profit from your auctions. At the end of this process what have you got? What you have is a product and the biggest, baddest and most profitable item to sell on eBay. It's a how to guide about how to set up and run an internet auction for profit by someone who's actually done it. It's exclusive, brand new, in demand and unique. Only you are allowed to sell it and you can do so at a premium price in the most hectic and profitable market on the planet, the one that tells people how to make money!

Apart from your time and the price of the cassette, it cost next to nothing to produce - hence the huge profits - and can now be sold on eBay for a minimum of $27. In fact I'd even go for $47 or more especially if you decide to give buyers of your new product a month (say) of email support and hand-holding. Put your recording in written form i.e. have it transcribed, give it a good title and you can sell it as a special report available for instant electronic download - eBay now makes it easy to do. As well, it's possible to automate the entire selling and download process, i.e. you are now looking at an automated income stream. Welcome to the vast and hugely profitable world of information publishing, a superior and professional way of generating a reliable and professional income.

Now what's the biggest item to sell on ebay again?

Tony Elliot is the "Accidental Publisher" and online marketer who's run a number of successful businesses from home including a car rental and a contract cleaning concern. He entered publishing "accidentally" when he wrote a Contract Cleaning From Home how to guide and was surprised when it sold!

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