What to expect between a PS VITA vs 3DS XL

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First of all.  I am doing this guide for people having a hard time choosing between either of the two handhelds. I am not making this just to make a console war between Sony fanboys and Nintendo fanboys.

Let's start!

If you love the old school games or games like Mario, Legend of Zelda, I highly recommend going to Nintendo handhelds such as the 3DS XL. Why the XL? First of all, you don't wanna buy an old ds or 3ds if you want a better handheld. XL has a better screen and if you are lucky to get a limited edition then much better. Aside from this, the XL has a matte furnished that leaves no fingerprints. The old 3ds has a glossy surface that leaves fingerprints most of the time. A lot of gamers have complained about this and it bugged them to keep cleaning all the time whenever they are done playing. On the side note, the stylus of the XL has a better location compare to the regular 3ds. You don't have to close your handheld just to get your freaking stylus. Another thing that is good with 3DS XL is the ergonomic design of it in which I am talking about the sides where you grip the XL. It is more round or curve and it won't hurt your hands or leave a black spot in case you are a frequent gamer. I, myself, played a lot for couple of hours. I remember playing ACNL and this bugs me when I still have my regular 3DS because the edge is a little cornered. One thing I noticed is the XL has a better grip because I find the regular one a little small. The only good side of the regular is the pocket size of the handheld and its SPEAKER!

Yep. I think the regular 3ds has a better speaker or volume than the XL. I completely don't understand why. But I find the regular has a higher volume. Oh if you are asking whether the XL fits in my pocket? OFC they do. For some reason they still fit except if you are wearing a skinny jeans or what. LOL

The only downside with XL aside from the volume is the PRICE (199 DOLLARS) (REGULAR 3DS 179). OFC a lot of people want it cheaper. But its up to you guys if you prefer the regular or the XL. In my opinion, if you are getting a regular 3ds, you might have second thoughts of upgrading to a newer version so might as well get the latest one! PS. THE XL HAS LARGER MEMORY CARD with it. XL= 4 GIG... REGULAR = 2 gig

The PS VITA has also gained popularity. Some gamers prefer a more hard core games than playing RPGS and so on or games like Mario. To be honest, both the ps vita and the nintendo 3DS/XL are very different. Its like comparing a jaguar between a lion. (= 3 =) seriously, I can't explained why I chose those two animals. XD

Moreover, the ps vita (the first release) has an OLED screen which entirely gives you a "WOWW!" impression. Especially if you play Gravity Rush or same type of genre. You can really see a big difference of the ps vita screens to a 3ds XL. A lot of people keeps saying, "THEY DON'T HAVE GAMES".  Well we should be honest that these two consoles varies and caters different gamers. Sony has a lot of games that other people liked and some don't. Basically the ps vita is more into action pack, serious hard core games that anyone wanted to play besides from playing as a character saving a kidnapped princess or being a villager planting trees and gather bugs to earn money.  We can't judge the ps vita right away based on its released games right now since I think the full capacity of this handheld will come out once PS4 releases. We never know what is in-store for the ps vita but if you want to play ATLUS games like PERSONA 4 Golden, GRAVITY RUSH, Soul Sacrifice, Tekken vs Street Fighter, etc then go for it. The only down side of this is that the ps vita is much expensive (249 *wifi bundle* and the 3g is 299 but I heard they cut the price to 199) than a 3DS XL and also the memory cards are *WTFOMGLMFAO* expensive. You might say they have a few game libraries but we don't know what are games coming in the future so you better stay tuned because I think the psvita will be much better once ps4 releases. If you are gonna ask me, I do have both or rather the three handhelds (the 3ds, 3ds XL and the ps vita) and I never regret getting the vita. There is something with the vita that I find interesting and that is not in the 3DS XL. PS vita has two analog sticks, one OLED touch screen with the back screen-touch, social apps like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc that the 3DS XL don't have except going to the browser).

PS. by the way, if you guys are planning to get the PS VITA, go and grab the OLED version because in my opinion it has a better screen than the LTE screen coming soon in NA/EUROPE (it was release in Japan) but that is just my opinion. I heard they will stop selling the OLED version one when the LTE version comes. Go and look at youtube to compare both screens and see what I mean.

*PM me if you want to ask what games you want me to recommend to you*  I dont mind.

:) Thanks for reading! Hope this helps!

Love you guys!

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