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What is a chimney chase cover

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What is a chimney Chase Cover and What is the differences in quality ?

On the left is a Rockford Chimney Supply Chase Cover, on the right is your typical unsafe, cheap, galvinized chase.

Chase covers are used at the top of chimney's to keep out rain, snow, critters, and everything else. It is NOT recommended you install a galvanized chase cover. Galvanized chase covers rust fairly quickly and will need to be replaced. Click the picture above to see a comparison of galvanized vs. a stainless steel chimney chase cover. Rockford Chimney Supply recommends and carry's custom chase covers made of stainless steel or copper, and they come with a lifetime warranty. Feel free to contact us for pricing, we can custom make what every you need. 1-866-708-2446. or visit Rockford chimney online to see additional info.
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