What is a IP camera,network camera,IP Security Camera?

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Before I answer this question, I would like to tell you why I write this guide. I went to Bosnia to give the production training to my customer at 2007, when I checked the workshop, there was no security camera. So I suggestted my customer install some IP cameras in workshop for surveillance, my customer asked me "What is an IP camera?", most of the people as my customer know security camera and CCTV, but don't know what is an IP camera,Network camera.
As there is no guide of the IP camera,Network camera on the whole ebay. So I want to write something about the IP camera ans share it with you.
IP camera: is a standalone system connecting directly to an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet network. Differed from the conventional PC camera, the IP camera is an all-in-one system with built-in CPU and web-based solutions providing a low cost solution that can transmit high quality video images for monitoring. The IP camera can be managed remotely, accessed and controlled from any PC/Notebook over the Intranet or Internet via a web browser.
A network camera (also referred to as IP camera,internet camera) can be described as a camera and computer combined in one unit. It captures and transmits live images directly over an IP network, enabling authorized users to locally or remotely view, store, and manage video over standard IP-based network infrastructure.
A network camera has its own IP address. It is connected to the network and has a built-in web server, FTP server, FTP client, e-mail client, alarm management, programmability, and much more options. A network camera does not need to be connected to a PC; it operates independently and can be placed wherever there is an IP network connection.

Why should I buy/choose IP Camera?
1.Save cabling cost: you can often take advantage of existing network wiring. This can make the installation task much easier. Don't need any DVR or Coaxial cable now.
2. Easier connection: just one network cable to transmit video/audio/control data, no video cable and RS-485 cable will be required.
3. Remote access from anywhere.
4. Better wireless Option: IP cameras have encryption built right into them providing for a more secure network. Interference is also not a problem with IP-based models.
5.IP Camera is the future and trend of the security camera.
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