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What does the 2-letter & 4-digit Date Code stand for?

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Here is some knowledge about the Louis Vuitton products' Date Code.

After the year of 1990, Louis Vuitton's Date Code made up of 2 English letters and follow by 4 digits. No exception at all! So what does the Date Code stand for? Most people don't know this...

About the 2 letters: (incomplete)

made in France:  A1, A2, AN, AR, AO, AS, AC, BA, BJ, CA, CT, DU, FL, FR, LW, MB, MI, NO, ND, RA, RI, SD, SL, SN, SP, TH, VI, VR
made in U.S.A:  FH, FF, OS, SD
made in Spain:  CA, LB, LM, LO
made in Italy:  SA, MA

About the 4 digits:

Follow the 2-letter, the FIRST & THIRD digit stand for Month, the SECOND & FOURTH digit stand for Year.

For example: MB1021, from left to right, "MB" means made in France, the FIRST digit "1" & THIRD digit "2" made up "12" which means December. The SECOND digit "0" & FOURTH digit "1" made up "01" which means the year of 2001. So MB1021 means "made in France in December, 2001".

The FIRST digit must be "0" or "1". If the FIRST digit is "0", the THIRD must be from "1" to "9". If the FIRST digit is "1", the THIRD must be "0", "1", or "2".

The SECOND digit musr be "9" or "0". If the SECOND digit is "9", the FOURTH must be from "0" to "9". If the SECOND digit is "0", the FOURTH must be from "0" to "6", by this year is 2006.


Questions, comments, suggestions, or just want to talk, please feel free to contact me. I will update this guide frequently.

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