What does NEW, NWOT, or New With Defects mean?

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What does NEW, NWOT, or New With Defects mean?
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I primarily do all of my shopping on eBay and have been a member since 2004.  What I have been noticing lately is that many sellers are starting to list their items as New, New WithOut Tags, or even New With Defects, when they clearly state in their description that the item "has been worn once".

Hello???  If you wore the item, even just "once", it has been worn period and should be listed as a PRE-OWNED/WORN item.

New, New WithOut Tags, and New With Defects means the item was NEVER WORN!  Not even once! 

I also find it odd that some sellers list almost every item as "NWOT", but in the description, they have worn the item just "once".

This also applies to ANYTHING being sold on eBay.  If you have used it, tried it, etc., just "once", then it should not be listed as NEW!

If you're interested in what a seller has listed, please be sure to ask many questions regarding the item(s).
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