What are Sousaku Kokeshi dolls?

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What is the differences between traditional Kokeshi dolls and Sousaku Kokeshi dolls?

I will write about the differences this guide.

First of all, the way we call the person who creates Kokeshi Doll is different.
The person who creates “Dento Kokeshi doll” is “Kojin”.
The person who creates “Sousaku Kokeshi Doll” is “Sakka”.
This represents most of differences between Sousaku and Dento.

Kojin means the person who makes handicraft like artisan.
Sakka means the person who creates art like artist.

Sousaku Kokeshi doll is born from the free imaginations or ideas of an artist.
Unique techniques like engraving or burning are used to create Kokeshi doll.
Only one thing which is using lathe or doll’s wheel is rule of creating Sousaku Kokeshi Doll.

It is said that Sousaku Kokeshi Doll was born in late 1940’s just after the World War ll.
Dento Kokeshi Doll was focused of public attention as a collecting object.
But some collectors didn’t satisfy with Dento Kokeshi Doll because they were very simple.
Moreover, people who regard Kokeshi Doll as a interior decoration appeared.

“All Japan Kokeshi Doll Competition” started from 1954 in Shiroishi, Miyagi.
And “Modern Kokeshi Doll Competition” started from 1959 in Maebashi, Gunma.
(Both Competitions holds once in a every year nowadays.)

Increasing collectors and holding those competitions.
These incidents became important elements that stimulated artists to created Kokeshi Dolls.
Then techniques and qualities of Sausaku Kokeshi Doll improved.

Sousaku Kokeshi Doll is very popular souvenir of Japan even for foreigners.
They improved rapidly after the World War ll.

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