What are Photoromance Kiss & Darling Magazines?

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What are Photoromance Kiss & Darling Magazines?
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Photoromance Kiss & Darling are monthly international magazines that were published from Lancio in Rome Italy from around 1975 to 1991.  In USA, they are in English. 




They are like comic books with talking balloons except it's in photos.  Still pictures of people and backgrounds and talking balloons.  Here's an example of what it looks like inside the magazine.

There are NO nudity or sex in these magazines.  They are like reading a soap opera with alot of talking and romance.  They're normally around 75 pages long and always in beautiful photo COLORS!

Since Kiss & Darling are no longer in publication, they are very rare to find.  They used to be sold anywhere, grocery stores magazine aisles, subscrptions or bookstores.  You will never find a magazine like this anywhere anymore. 

Once in a while I will be selling magazines like these on eBay starting about $17.00(USD) each. I have already sold 1983 to 1991 issues.  Now I am working my way to the earlier years and the older they are, the more expensive they get.  Let me know if you are interested and I will be happy to put them up on eBay for you!

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