What are International Edition/Paperback textbooks?

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International Edition or Paperback textbooks of hardcover books are very common nowadays. The prices of international editions is 50%-80% much cheaper compared to hardcover textbooks. These editions generally have the exact same content as your regular US hardcover editions. The books usually have "International Student Edition" written on them.  

Why do publishers sell international editions with the same content at a lower price?

Textbook publishers sell textbooks worldwide, and they generally sell books at prices relative to the prices in the country they are in. Therefore, a textbook in Asia may retail for $35 while the same book in the US edition would be sold for $100.

Should I use "International Student Edition" textbooks?

Well we don't see any reasons for not using them. It is encouraged if you don't mind a paperback textbook. You could save a lot in one semester.

The book cover and isbn is different in the listing?

Yes the "International Student Edition" textbooks have different ISBN and cover. So do not panic it is the wrong book. Textbooks are printed on high quality premium paper with colors.

Are "International Student Edition" textbooks legal?

YES! Most publishers will label the books with “Not for sale in North America”.  However, this does not mean buying these items is illegal in any way. These textbooks go through a lot of channels before reaching you so it is generally considered USED textbooks, so they can be resell any where in the world.

Last words, start saving money each semester!

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