What Not To Buy On Ebay

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This is an informative guide about What Not To Buy On Ebay. It has been my experience with Ebay that there are alot of things that you should not buy. Cars unless you have personally gone and looked at the vehicle. The person selling this vehicle can make it look like it is in perfect shape, excellent condition, mint but in reality it is not. We took a trip to Ft. Lauderdale to find out that the car we wanted to bid on was in fact not in excellent condition but needed very costly repairs not to mention body work and a paint job. This is probably one of the most important, expensive and regretful things that you can buy why chance it on ebay and relying on someone to tell the truth about there car. We all know that people are not always honest. I cannot express to you how important it is to be able to see something before you buy or in this case bid which on here is legally binding.  But if you bid and you have to buy and it ends up being junk who protects you unless you purchase the protection. NO ONE!! This does not only apply to cars but, motorcycles, dirtbikes, scooters, etc. Unless its brand new out of the box, forget about it.




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