What Makes A Good Dog Diaper?

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What Makes A Good Dog Diaper?
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We say their our babies and well...some need the whole treatment...

A dog diaper is a garment which is provided for dogs for many different reasons from those during their menstrual cycle (in-heat) or exhibiting incontinence by reason of age or a medical condition, puppy training, or just stubborn little ones that just refuse to accommodate to our wishes (ha,ha).

But, they also can be used for other reasons that help BENEFIT US as well, they are great for helping protect our upholsteries, our furniture, and our carpets. They are also great for travel and those long car trips. As well, you and your little darling will always be welcomed guests no matter where you go without anyone worrying about unwanted accidents. 

There are many different styles of dog diapers on eBay, you can even purchase dog diapers in the main pet stores, but the diapers that are sold in the main pet stores  are less stylish and more expensive than the ones found here on eBay.

When searching for a darling little diaper for your little one you should pick the style the suits you and your little girls personality, but you should also look for one that will be comfortable for your little girl, too. 

Here are some tips in looking for the perfect little girl diaper:

  •  Look at the design of the diaper and how it comes to together, and decide your preference... Would you rather have a diaper that comes together on top of the dog's back where you can see the velcro closures?... (which some may thick that is easier)...or Would you rather have the closures hidden where the diaper comes together under the belly?...to give it a more stylish look by allowing the designer more room on the diaper so they can add embellishments, patches, lace, etc. So, you have to decide between the two designs and which best suits your personal needs.

  • Make sure you look at the leg of the diaper and make sure that there will be enough room around the hind legs for them to move around comfortably and the waist band does not rub or "looks" like it will rub in any way with the hind leg causing skin irritations. The main way to assure this is to examine the pictures the seller provides the best you can (the more pictures the better)  and speak with the seller if you have any questions. Measure your dog using that sellers personal measuring guide (usually posted on their listing) because there is NO general rule for size measurement for our little girls. One seller's measuring guide may differ from another's sellers guide.

  • Look at the fabric and find out what it is made of, if it isn't listed, or if can you may be able to tell by the pictures, the fabric should be durable, (but lightweight due to the heat your little girl projects with her fur) and ask if it is washable (if not stated in the ad) and follow the designers washing instructions. The same with any embellishments, iron-ons, etc.

  • Ask about or look at the inner layer fabric. A soft fleece is best because it is the softest and the coolest for our little girls' during the hotter months and it lasts longer in the wash than the thicker filt because of the piling that is associated with that fabric, but it is sometimes used with some designers. 

  • When you do wash the diaper make sure you close all the velcro closures to reduce the velcro from catching on other parts of the diaper, as well as other articles of your clothing that is in the wash.

  • The tail hole should allow enough room for your little girl's tail and a little extra room (not much) and it should be padded with the thicker filt, although it does pile (makes fuzzies when washed), it is best  for protection against skin irritation around the tail from all that tail wagging:) 

  • The closures should be velcro or something similar, nothing sharp such as safety pins or metal clips that touch your little girl's body or something of that nature that could get tangled in her hair. Even the velcro should not touch your little girl's skin.

  • All embellishments should be securely attached by stitching or an iron-on patch that is secured with stitching, but there should not be anything glued, due to it could eventually come unglued and become a choking hazard.  You should be aware that supervision is required any time you introduce a small object to your pet (especially if he/she is not accustomed to wearing bows or diapers.)

  • Buying dog diapers or anything for that matter that involves taking measurements and mistakes can happen and you as a buyer need to decide if you prefer to buy from a seller that ACCEPTS REFUNDS/EXCHANGES or DOES NOT ACCEPT REFUNDS/EXCHANGES be sure to check for your preference with your seller before purchasing.

Most dog diapers are made to work with regular women panty liners that you can purchase at any store; you can also purchase liners made specifically for dog diapers at any pet store (they tend to be a little more expensive). I recommend the Poise panty liner due to the extra absorbancy for urine and the odor control, but any brand would suffice. These type of dog diapers are made to use repeatedly all day when used with a panty liner or until soiled.  

Some dog diapers can be bought with inner absorbant liners in them to help with extra absorbancy for our little girls that are incontinent, these diapers just contain an absorbant liner in the area where our little girl's needs it most and not throughout the diaper, but it ultimately makes the diaper leak proof, however unfortunately when this style is not used with a panty liner the moisture is NOT pulled away from your girl, so she will need to be changed after one soiling to prevent skin irritation.

The littler girls do fine without this liner because the amount of urine they produce the pantyliner is sufficient, as well as some of the liner inserts out there tend to be a little bulky for the littler ones and probably are a little uncomfortable for them.

This diaper design can be used with or without the panty liner; when used without a panty liner remember once soiled it needs changed, but it is great for those bigger girls that tend to have a bigger bladder and a pantyliner simply won't do or perhaps your pampered little girl is just lucky enough to have her own special drawer filled with her own personalized little "Secrets". 

Again, dog diapers come in many different shapes, styles, and sizes and have many different reasons for their uses. Most are hand-crafted for your little pampered girl from a variety of personalities here on eBay that love what they do and want to make your little girl a princess during  a time that is difficult for both you and your little princess.

I hope I have helped explained a little more about dog diapers and there benefits, both for our little girls and us.

Thanks for your interest in dog diapers and your time in reading about them...

from Missy's Bikini Bottoms and Bows!

"Love your little one and pamper her like there is no tomorrow because noone knows what tomorrow will bring..."

In Memory of My Missy Lou

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