What Is Liquid Black Soap?

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I am aware that some say there is no such thing as "liquid black soap" while still others are selling it all over the internet; which side is correct?  Well, both actually.  While there is no liquid black soap made in or shipped out of Africa, Raw African Black Soap is a soft, crumbly texture that must be pressed into some kind of shape by hand before use.  It can also be dissolved in water to form a liquid soap that is so much easier to use on hair or with a shower regimen.

If the product is accompanied by a list of ingredients that include so called items such as palm kernal oil powder, shea butter powder, coco powder. . . you are not using REAL AFRICAN BLACK SOAP!

Some of the ingredients may come from the real plant source, but are so overly processed that they have lost most if not all of their natural healing qualities.  Depending on the rest of the ingredient list, you may well be better off just going to Walmart and buying some softsoap.

Our Raw African Black Soap is made in Africa using traditional methods and natural, pure healthful ingredients such as organic unrefined Shea Butter and wild crafted virgin Palm Kernal Oil.  It contains no chemicals, no animal fats, no preservatives, no colorants and no fragrances.  All the skin loving medicinal qualities of Shea Butter is fully retained in this all natural soap in order to fully treat and recreate your skin and your hair -- regardless of your race or sex or age!

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