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What Does Unlocked Phone Mean?

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What IMEI - Phone Unlocking Does - Forever Unlocked !
Unlocking frees your phone to work with any GSM network in the world. It will remove the "Enter Subsidy Password", "Contact Service provider" or other "locked phone" message and allow your phone to accept SIM cards from any network.
Advantages of unlocking your phone include:
• Allows your phone to be used on any GSM network in the world. Avoid expensive roaming charges.
• Frees your phone to use SIM cards from any network.
• Increases the resale value of your cell phone.
Please note that the unlock code is not the same as a phone security or SIM card password sometimes set on phones. Such codes are user-set codes that are meant for preventing unauthorized access to the owner's phone. The unlock code prompt will only appear when you try to use your phone with a different network (i.e. other than Cingular AT&T). Almost all Cingular phones are locked in this way

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