What Do the Terms 'Quartersawn' or 'Tiger' Oak Mean..?

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What Do the Terms 'Quartersawn' or 'Tiger' Oak Mean..?
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Quartersawn or Tiger Oak

 Quarter-sawing means cutting a log radially to the growth rings to produce a “vertical” and uniform pattern grain.

 Also known colloquially as 'tiger oak', this method of cutting oak produces boards with the wonderful medulliary-ray figuring so prized by cabinet-makers,

 though it yields fewer and narrower boards per log than plain sawing, boosting their cost significantly. Quarter-sawn boards also expand and contract less than boards sawn by other methods.

Quartersawn oak was particularly popular with artisans of the Arts and Crafts and Mission movements, and was employed to great effect by the best-known designers, manufacturers and retailers of the period, e.g. Gustav Stickley and Leonard Wyburd / Liberty's of London.     

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