What Are The Parts of an Eyeglass Frame?

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What Are The Parts of an Eyeglass Frame?
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Here are some of the frame terms you may hear when being fitted for a new pair of eyeglasses:

Frame front: Front part of the eyeglass frame that holds the lenses in place and bridges the top of the nose.

Eye wires (rims): Part of the frame front into which the lenses are inserted.

Bridge: The area between the lenses that goes over the nose and supports 90 percent of the weight of the eyeglasses.

End pieces: Extensions of the frame front to which the temples are attached.

Hinges: Part of the frame that connects the frame front to the temples and allows the temples to swing.

Temples: Parts of the frame that extend over and/or behind the ears to help hold the frame in place.

* Spring-hinged temples include hidden springs in the hinges that help keep the frame from slipping. They are sometimes more expensive, but usually more resistant to breakage.

Nose pads: Plastic pieces that may be attached directly to the frame or to pad arms. They help keep the frame in its proper position.

Temple tips: Plastic coatings that often cover the ends of the temples behind and/or over the ears.

Rimless frames (or mountings): The temples and bridge attach by mountings directly to the lenses without the use of eyewires or rims.

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