What Are Open Box Returns?

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What Are Open Box Returns?
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What is an Open Box Return?

In the U.S., returned products are a $50 billion per year issue.  In fact, the amount skyrockets to $100 billion for retailers when the logistics costs of transportation, handling, processing and disposing of  worth of returned products are factored in.  For companies like Best Buy, Target, and Circuit City, electronic items are returned everyday that have no defects, but were simply not wanted. This offers a great opportunity for you the consumer, as these items are often in excellent condition. Sellers on eBay will often buy these returned products in large lots, and resell them at a 40%-70% discount over retail.

However, anyone looking to buy an "Open Box" return should take steps to be fully informed and ensure a smooth buying process. Here are a few quick tips for buyers to follow:

Quick Tips

  • Educate yourself about the product you want to buy.  Often, the retail websites for the item you wish to purchase will have solid information about the look and contents of a particular item. 
  • Review listings for a DOA (Dead on Arrival) Guarantee: Reputable Sellers will include this and a short warranty as well.  Often between 7 and 30 days.
  • Beware "AS IS" listings: Often this means they were not tested, or tested and did not function as required.  Buyers should only purchase AS IS items if they have either the parts or technical knowledge to repair or reuse an AS IS item. 
  • Read what items come with the listing: Often, items such as iPod Docks, MP3 Players, and Cell Phones should have multiple items to accompany them.  Reputable sellers will give an inventory of what is being offered with the main item. 
  • Email the seller with any questions you have about the item.  Reputable sellers will always return your email within 12-24 hours. 
  • Test the item upon arrival: While reputable sellers have already tested the item, you wish to find defects quickly so you can return or exchange them quickly.

EBay is always the home of a great deal.  However, take the time to examine any deal to make sure it isnt to good to be true. 

If this guide was helpful at all, please take 2 seconds to vote for this guide below. Thank you for reading.

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