Wet Shaving: Preparation & Applying the Lather

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Wet Shaving: Preparation & Applying the Lather
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1. Preparation
One of the most important aspects of wet-shaving is preparation. Our beard doesn’t stubbornly grow only for the sole purpose of being shaved. I’m sure that an anthropologist can provide some more information on why we have a beard and its purpose. However, for the scope of this discussion lets just agree that our beards need some special treatment in order to get a baby-butt shave.
Most people agree the shaving oil is a very good prep product. I personally notice a great improvement in my shave when I’m using shave oil, but not only oil. There are some other products out there, such as Proraso and Prep-Italy pre-post creams or Taylor of Bond Street Pre-shave Gel, only to name a few. Also, if you are stingy, a regular, oily face & body cream will do the trick. Vaseline creams worked very well for me until I discovered that they are “heavy” on petrol and not helpful to my long-term health prospects.

2. Applying the lather on your face
Some will write novels on how to obtain a good lather and the correct way of applying it on your face. I have more trust in people and I’m sure you’ll figure it out by yourself.

Just some simple rules:
a) If the lather is too thin you have added too much water or you have a crappy cream or soap.
b) If you are using a canned gel or cream, you don’t know what you are missing or what a good shave is.
c) If the lather is too thick, don’t worry. There is not such thing as too thick a lather. You are fine.
d) You can create lather in a mug or directly on your face. I for one, I prefer the mug.
e) If you use a brushless cream (i.e. Nancy Boy or The Art of Shaving) don’t try to create lather in a mug. Chances are you are going to fail. Instead apply the cream on your face and work it with a brush. This way you can fool yourself into believing those creams actually lather.

More steps to come……

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